Afternoon Adventure & Lunch @ Bill’s Bar & Burger

Hello, Lovelies!

Last week my boyfriend and I decided to bask in the warm weather with a walk on the High Line. We walked the entire thing, which was gorgeous!

We stopped for a moment to just take the city in. This was a nice little overpass with benches. It’s the perfect area to eat your lunch! Speaking of lunch, we were starved once we were done. The High Line ends in the Meatpacking District, so we decided to randomly pick a place to eat. We came across Bill’s Bar & Burger and decided to give it a try.

What I love about NY is that you can walk into basically any restaurant and not be disappointed. These places put every chain restaurant to shame.

Bill’s was great! I love the atmosphere and the whole staff was friendly. We started with two Stella’s- I’ve never bought a Stella on tap so I was super excited that it came in the official Stella glass. We split an order of Disco Fries, which were absolutely amazing ! Poutine fries are big in Buffalo, where I’m going to school, so I have had my fair share of poutine. Bill’s Disco Fries topped my favorite poutine fries, which speaks volumes.

I ordered the Bill’s Burger with Swiss. Although it was their most simple burger, it was both filling and delicious. Their sauce was very good and had a little kick! I will definitely be coming back here and probably ordering the same thing although I am curious to taste their other offerings.

I wasn’t able to get dessert this time but I will definitely be leaving room for dessert next time! They have shakes that are out of this world! Their fruity pebbles, campfire, and mint chocolate chip shakes sound heavenly! I will share my opinion about these after my next visit!

Overall, this place was amazing! I would recommend it to anyone in the city who wants a good bite to eat, especially a burger lover! They do have a market veggie burger as well for the vegetarian crowd. There are three locations in the city as well as one in Pittsburgh.

If you get a chance to visit, please share stories and thoughts about Bill’s in the comments! I would love to hear about your trip!

Thank you for reading!

x, Chelsea Raymond


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