DIY: Finding Nemo Couples / Best Friends Graduation Caps

Hi, lovelies!

It is graduation season and that includes me this year! Time flies but I am graduating from college in 9 short days!! I got my grad cap and gown about a week ago and I have been itching to decorate it! I search Pinterest for hours and finally found a design I loved. I was going to go with a monogram and some pearls to keep it classy and match my Lily Pulitzer dress I am going to wear but then I saw this and I had to do it!

My boyfriend is graduating with me so this idea was perfect for us! We came to college together and now we are leaving together! What better way to celebrate than with Nemo right? Well, these came out so good that I wanted to do a DIY so you can make one of your own if you are so inspired!

So, here is a list of the materials that I used:

Bazzill brand scrapbook paper in blackberry swirl (x2)

Sticko Alpha Futura Bold Large Gold Foil alphabet Stickers (x2)

Fiskars heavy duty knife

Jolee’s Wave dimensional stickers (x2)

Disney Finding Nemo dimensional stickers (x2)

Glue dots

Other materials: pencil, scissors, cardboard or cutting mat, computer paper, ruler


1. Flip scrapbook paper over so the back is facing up and trace the outline of the graduation cap with a pencil. Cut out the square shape.

2. To cut a hole in the paper, I cut the whole out of a piece of computer paper and lined up where it falls on the graduation cap. Then, I put the scrapbook paper on top and flipped it over so I could line up where it aligns on the scrapbook paper and traced the whole. I used the Fiskars knife to cut the hole out for accuracy. I placed the paper on top of a cardboard box to do this but you can use a cutting mat if it makes you feel more comfortable.

3. I used a ruler to plan where I wanted the letters so they are evenly spaced apart. Then I started to stick the Gold Foil letters on to the caps to make the sayings.

4. Once the sayings were on the caps, I added the Wave sticker, the Nemo stickers and the bubble stickers that were on the Nemo and wave sticker sheets for an extra touch with one of the bubbles on top of the button.

5. Once my cap was all decorated, I slid the paper over the cap button and secured the paper to the cap using glue dots. This way, if I want to take the paper off later, it will easily remove.

6. Once the paper was attached, I added my tassel and I am ready to go graduate!

I hope all of these steps were clear! This is my first DIY but I was too excited about how these came out not to share. Please leave me any questions in the comments and I will get back to you as fast as I can!

I purchased all of my materials from JoAnn’s because I personally think that they have better sales the majority of the time. I got everything besides one of the Nemo sheets from there and it came out to only $23, which was a hell of a deal for two caps in my opinion! Plus, I have a ton of letters, a whole sheet of Nemo stickers, and four of the wave stickers left over for another project.

This was really fun to do so I hope you enjoy it! If you decide to make this DIY, please send me some photos or tag me on Instagram @midtowndonna! I would love to see your masterpieces!

Here is what my boyfriend and I looked like with our decorated caps at graduation:


Thank you for reading!

x, Chelsea Raymond


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