Classic Sneakers (& How to Get them Cheaper!)

Hello, lovelies! I have been dying to get my feet in a pair of Addidas Superstars. These have come back into style and I love them!!

Yesterday I went to the mall to buy them but they didn’t have my size in mens. The lady working at the Addidas store asked if they were for me and when I said yes she told me I should try a kids size.

This may not be news to you but I have never bought kids sizes as an adult. She advised that I try a 6.5 kids (I wear a 9 in women’s) because this style runs large. I tried them and they were a perfect fit & $10 cheaper than the adult version! I was so thrilled because I am not the type to spend a ton of money on sneakers.

After researching, I found out that big kids sizes convert to be two numbers smaller than woman’s sizes. Meaning if I am a 9, I would fit a kids 7. This may change your life! Many different shoe companies make identical styles for kids and adults and this opens doors for huge money saving opportunities! Next time you are shoe shopping, check out the kids section- you may be surprised!

Thank you for reading!

x- Chelsea Raymond


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