What’s in my Handbag: Summer Edition

Hello, lovelies!

I have seen a lot of posts like this online and love to read them so I thought you may like to see what’s in my purse for this summer!

I am a fan of black purses so this summer I have chosen to use this black heart shaped Betsey Johnson handbag. This is a few years old so it’s not available for retail anymore, although many people are selling this handbag and similar ones on second hand stores! I love the floral lining of this purse. I’m not a big fan of flashy handbags because I like my purse to match every outfit nicely. This has a splash of color on the inside, which is really nice. It also has a fairly large inside zip pocket and another small pocket.

Inside my handbag, I have quite a few things. The first is my absolute favorite wallet from Clarks. It has 6 card slots, a slide pocket and a zipper pocket. I am the type of person who prefers using plastic instead of cash so this wallet is perfect for me! It holds all of cards, metro card, ID and any change or cash I may have on hand. It is so slim and barely takes up space in my purse. I found that if I have a big wallet, I will stuff it up with receipts, loyalty cards and other things that I don’t need to carry.

I also have my keys with my handy CVS and Walgreens loyalty cards, which now when I think about it, doesn’t make me very loyal at all. I also have my favorite keychain on my keys, which is a pink yacht knot from Southern Strait. It’s a cute addition to my keys without weighing them down.

The zip pocket of my handbag holds all of my beauty items. I don’t touch up my makeup much throughout the day so I only carry necessities. On nights when I go out, I’ll keep the lipstick I’m wearing with me too but what’s pictured above are my staples.

I always have a small nail file and clipper with me because we have all had those tough hang nails when we are out or a nail that breaks. When I don’t have these with me, I always end of needing them.

I bought this small container of Plackers flosses at Wal Mart and I love them! It holds about 10 flosses and you can buy packages of the same flosses to refill it! These come in handy when you eat the celery on the side of your wings for lunch or eat a steak on a date and it sticks in a tough spot between your teeth. We have all been there!

I have a hair tie and clip to tie up my baby hairs 24/7 because you never know when you’ll want to get your hair out of your face! I visited Niagara Falls a month ago and the wind was causing me to eat my hair- not a cute look. This also comes in handy when you find someone who can work miracles with hair and you are dying for them to whip you up a nice fishtail!

Chapstick and a sample fragrance are also handbag must haves! Currently I am carrying Crush by Rihanna (definitely recommend if you love a sweet frangrance!!). The balm I have now is a Posh Latin Love caffeinated lip balm in Bubbly Tropical Citrus that I won from Brand Okey’s Pimp For Posh Facebook Page. I love this balm and definitely recommend joining her group! She hosts many giveaway and the products are amazing! You can shop her products here!

I keep a blister band aid in my handbag at all times because blisters from shoes are enough to ruin your day. These blister band aids have saved my life so many times! If you use these as soon as you notice the blister, they are thick enough that you can keep your shoes on and they won’t irritate the blister further. They are truly a god send!

Lastly, I always keep a panty liner or tampon with me as a just in case precaution. It’s come in handy a few times and you never know when Mother Nature will rain on your parade!

I hope you enjoyed the peek inside my handbag! As you’ve noticed, I’m a minimalist and only carry the handy necessities. What do you carry in your handbag? Which item has saved your life? I would love to read your thoughts and maybe even add to the list of what I carry!

Thank you for reading!

x- Chelsea Raymond


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