Affordable Dupes of Designer Fall Fashion Trends

Hello, Donnas!

Autumn is upon us (even though it’s currently 82° in New York City. I am blasting the AC so I can still curl up in my Halloween PJs and sugar skull blanket. I love the change of the seasons and am always interested in the trending pieces that come with it. I decided to take a few fall high-end pieces that I’ve seen that I wish I could afford and find a lower priced dupe for them! I hope this helps all of you achieve your fashion-forward wardrobe goals without as much damage to your bank account!

Louis Vuitton Idylle Blossom Twist Bracelet


These Louis Vuitton bracelets retail for $2,610 and can be purchased from the LV website here.

The Dupe:

kate spade bangle.PNG

This cute Kate Spade Bangle retails for $98 but is on sale on their website now for only $59! You can purchase it here.

ettika bangle

This Ettika Onyx Star cuff is also a very affordable dupe for the LV cuff and is only $40 at Nordstrom! Buy it here.

Coach Dinky In Glovetanned Leather With Tea Rose

coach handbag.PNG

This gorgeous floral handbag is from Coach and can be purchased here on their site for $595.

The Dupe:

imoshion bag.PNG

This gorgeous floral crossbody is made from vegan materials (Whoop whoop!) and it is only $45! You can purchase it here.

Gucci Jordaan Leopard Jacquard Loafer

gucci leopard loafers

This GORGEOUS pair of loafers are my favorite print for fall… leopard! They are a whopping $670 and can be purchased here.

The Dupe:

lior loafer.PNG

These Sam Edelman Lior loafers are genuine calf hair, therefore I wouldn’t purchase them because I am vegan and strive to by as little products that come from animals or that are tested on animals as possible BUT I know that not all of my readers are vegan and these are a great price at only $139.95 from Nordstrom and can be purchased here,

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a vegan alternative to these that was cute. If you find one, let me know in the comments!

Kate Spade New York Langton Floral Embroidered Booties

kate spade booties.PNG

Fall footwear is an absolute favorite of mine so it only makes sense that I have 2 pairs of shoes in this post! Embroidered boots are a huge trend this season and these Kate Spade ones are $358 at Dillard’s. Find them here.

The Dupe:

jcp booties.PNG

This pair of booties can be found at JCPenney for only $60!! You can purchase them here.

Michael Kors Faux-Fur Leopard Faux-Fur Jacquard Coat

mk leopard

More leopard! Can we appreciate this gorgeous faux fur leopard coat from MK?! It retails for $450 and can be purchased from their website here.

The Dupe:

f21 leopard coat

FOREVER 21 has this gorgeous dupe to the MK coat for only $69.90! You can purchase it here. If you liked the monochromatic hue of the MK coat, you can purchase a houndstooth faux fur coat from F21 here for $125.


I hope you got some inspiration from this post and found that you can find very similar dupes of designer products for a much more affordable price. You can find other dupes cheaper than this, and I understand that these prices are affordable for everyone… heck I couldn’t buy all of these right now either… but it shows that you don’t need a designer tag to look stylish! Let me know what your favorite trend is this fall in the comments!

Thank you for reading, Donnas!

x~ Chelsea


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