How to Change the Color of Your Snapcode

Hello, Donnas!

I have had requests to share how I change the color of my snapcode to match the color scheme of my blog and to share on my social media pages, etc! It is so simple to do and will have your friends curious as to how you did it! If you already have your snapcode saved to your phone, you can skip to step 7. Enjoy!

Step One:

Visit the Snapchat website on your mobile or desktop browser. (If you are on your desktop, you will have to email the snapcode to yourself later to edit the photo on your phone).

Step Two:

Open the menu at the top of the page and select the snapcodes option.

Step Three:

Log into your Snapchat account!

Step Four:

Click “My Snapcodes”

Step Five:

Click the download symbol next to your snapcode, select save to files, then save to your iCloud Drive.

Step Six:

Open your iCloud “Files” app and select your snapcode zip file. If the snapcode with your Bitmoji is the first that opens, click the three lines in the bottom right of your screen and select the “Snapcode PNG” file. Save the image to your phone.

Step Seven:

Download the PIXLR app (FREE) or any other app that allows you to adjust the hue of your photo. Click photo and choose your snapcode from your gallery.

Step Eight:

Once your photo is loaded into the app, click the two dots in the bottom left of the screen.

Step Nine:

In the tools menu, select “adjustment”.

Step Ten:

Slide the dark grey bar where you see “exposure” over until you see the “hue option”

Step Eleven:

Slide the circle across the color bar until you find your desired color! If you would like a grey snapcode like mine, tap the saturation button in the dark grey bar and slide the circle all the way to the left! Adjusting the saturation bar will also allow you to choose a more muted or more bright color than simply adjusting the hue! Click the check mark once you’re satisfied!

Step Twelve:

Hit the “done” button in the top right corner. Save the image or share to your desired social media site!

I hope you all enjoyed learning how to change the color of your snapcode! If you would like any more tutorials regarding blogging or anything tech related, let me know down below! Also, if you would like to be friends on Snapchat, I would love to have you as one of my Donnas! Either add me by username: MIDTOWNDONNA or screenshot my snapcode below and add me by snapcode! Have a wonderful day!

Remember to love yourself and then share your love with others!

x~ Chelsea 


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