My Fall To-Do List

Hello, Donnas!

Since it’s the last day of September, I wanted to list out my to-do list goals for October! I want to get my decorating done as well as visit some fun fall places to enjoy the season while it lasts! I hope this will also serve as some inspiration for you to formulate your own fall to-do list!

1. Change out summer clothes for fall clothes.

2. Put together and film my 3 fall Dollar Tree DIYS!

3. Go to the Fall Fest in my hometown.

4. Pick apples at an apple orchard.

5. Visit a sunflower farm and take some nice photos to display as fall decor.

6. Buy some fall scented wallflowers from Bath & Body Works.

7. Bake a vegan apple pie!

8. Visit Sleepy Hallow, NY for Halloween activities!

9. Visit a pumpkin patch and then decorate pumpkins!

10. Have a scary movie night!

11. Binge watch all the Halloweentown movies with Halloween snacks.

12. Make crafts with pretty leaves I find and display them as decor.

13. Make at least two different types of pumpkin seeds (one sweet and one savory).

14. Visit the Angry Orchard!

15. Go to a corn maze (& find one that is really cool! I saw one that had wine tastings throughout the maze. I want to find something like that)!

16. Make acorn squash for dinner one night.

17. Go to a professional football game and tailgate. If not, at least watch one on TV and make fun snacks!

18. Make vegan s’mores! Maybe even get some Justin’s peanut butter cups to use for them!

19. Fall informal photo shoot for blog and Instagram pictures.

20. Go on a nice hike and enjoy the fall leaves.

21. Read 5 books a month!

22. Make a thankful for list on the 1st of November.

23. DIY a fall wreath.

24. Make a vegan chili for dinner.

25. Enjoy an Oprah Cinnamon Chai Latte with almond milk!

Are you adding any of these things to your own Fall To-Do list? Have any other fun fall ideas? Leave them in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!

x- Chelsea


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