Luxury Product Wish List

Hello, Donnas!

I love designer fashion and have a wishlist a mile long of the things I would buy if I didn’t have a budget. I bet you can all relate. I thought it would be fun to share all of the things that I would love to indulge in if I had the funds!

1. Louis Vuitton Neverful MM in Damier Ebene Canvas $1,260

I am in love with the size of this bag and the little pouch that comes with it to keep your valuables together in a safe place. My only hesitation about this bag is that it doesn’t zip at the top. Realistically, if I were to buy an LV, I would buy the Iena PM due to the security. The neverful just pulls on my heartstrings.

2. Gucci Reversible leather belt with Double G Buckle $550


These Gucci belts are all the rave this season and I would love to have one of my own. What I love most about this one is that you can reverse it between brown and black colors so it matches every outfit!

3. Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germaine Candle $80


I learned about this brand from one of my favorite YouTubers, Christopher Allen, who raves about the scent of this particular candle. I am interested in branching out into the more spicy and natural smelling fragrances and would love to give this one a try… if I had $80 to buy a candle. The gorgeous packaging is just a bonus! I would definitely keep this porcelain jar and use it as decor once the candle is done burning!

4. Hunter Original Refined Chelsea Boots in Black $145


I am obsessed with the Chelsea style of Hunter’s rain boots. I have never been big on super tall rain boots because I don’t like the feeling of my foot being restricted and not being able to move your ankle freely. These are the perfect height for keeping your feet dry, without restricting movement. I love the classic black because they will go with anything and all of my other boots are brown. Plus, they are named after me so it must be written in the stars that I need these one day!

5. Burberry The Chelsea – Mid Length Heritage Trench Coat $1,795

burberry trench.PNG

Again… named after me! What a coincidence. I have always admired Burberry’s classic trench coats. This would be a major splurge if I ever bought one but also would be a forever piece in my wardrobe. Maybe if I’m ever wealthy I’ll be able to convince myself to go for it!

6. Tory Burch Crystal-Pearl Stud Earrings $78
Although you could splurge more on real pearls, I love these logo pearls. I think these would add a classic touch to any outfit! They also can be used across all seasons and with so many different looks, whether you are running errands or going to a wedding!

7. Henri Bendel West 57th Striped 360 Wheelie $728
I absolutely LOVE traveling and would love to spend a good amount of my life seeing what the world has to offer! That being said, I’ve always wanted a cute luggage! I currently have a tan luggage from TJ Maxx that is super durable and a great deal, but I would love this fashionable one… that is if it’s good quality. I would have to test it in store first because sometimes luggage looks durable but is really bad quality. I could never spend so much on luggage online. Maybe if I start traveling more in a few years, this will get crossed off my wishlist!

8. Prada Cinema Sunnies $360
I love these classic sunnies! They come in black too but I love the way tortoise complements my brown locks. I honestly have never tried these on and they may look hideous on me… but until the day I discover that sad news, I’ll keep them on my wishlist!

I would love to know what is on your luxury goods wishlist! Leave me a comment below with what your top 3 luxury wishlist items are!! Maybe you will help me add to my own list!

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Remember, love yourself and then share your love with others!

x- Chelsea 

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