Blanket Scarf Top Lookbook! | Cheeky Flamingo

Hello, Donnas!

Is it just me or is Fall the shortest season of the year? We never want summer to end so we don’t start talking about fall things until the beginning of October, and then as soon as we digest Thanksgiving dinner, we are throwing up our Christmas trees and counting the days until Christmas. I feel like Fall is more than halfway over already with the blink of an eye.

That being said, I can’t wait to share with you the most versatile piece in my fall wardrobe! Kristy from The Cheeky Flamingo sent me one of their Berkshire Blanket Scarves and immediately after trying it on, I fell in love! It’s not your ordinary blanket scarf by any means!

This scarf can be worn 4 different ways! Three of them being a top! Have no fear, there are no crazy steps involved in styling this the different ways. I have seen tons of tutorials on Pinterest describing all of these different ways to wear blanket and regular scarves but they are like 10 step processes and never look the same as the photo. That is not the case with this scarf! 

The different style options are literally the way you position the scarf! It has a unique stitching connecting the two ends of the scarf so you can style it as a top it slip one end of the scarf through the hole to create the picture perfect blanket scarf look! 

In one day I was able to rock three completely different looks with just the change of positioning with this scarf!

When you want full coverage and a casual warm and cozy top, you can wear the scarf top with the seam down the middle! This gives your outfit the feel of a poncho but it is slightly shorter in the back, giving the outfit some edge!

If you’re looking for for more of a polished look to go out but still want to be warm and cozy, wear the scarf with the seam down one arm. This creates a sort or oblong poncho which draws all of the right kind of attention! 

Got a little warm or just want a nice cozy scarf, fold the scarf in half and pull the ends through the hole to create a perfectly styled blanket scarf. Honestly, the reason why I don’t like blanket scarves is because they never look nicely styled or there is too much material around my neck and I feel restricted. I can 100% say that I didn’t experience this at all with this scarf. It was so soft and cozy no matter what way I styled it!

The possibilities are endless with this scarf top! You can create 4 looks with the same basic pieces just but styling this scarf differently! This definitely made the list of my October faves and you will be seeing more of this scarf soon! 

Here are three of my favorite color options for this scarf, besides the purple one that I have styled above:

Tan Plaid
Blue and Gray Plaid
Red, Ivory and Navy
Let me know how you would style this scarf in the comments! Also, if you buy your very own scarf top, let me know which color you picked! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading! Remember, love yourself and then share that love with others!

x- Chelsea


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