October Favorites!

Hello, Donnas!

I decided that I would round up some of my favorites from music to fashion from this past month and share them with you. I’ve done something similar on my YouTube channel but never on my blog. October was a month where I really just wanted to immerse myself with everything fall-related because once November comes around, people only want to talk about Christmas! As I’m writing this, there is a Christmas commercial playing on my TV. Is it just me or do people start talking about Christmas earlier and earlier every year? I saw someone watching a Christmas movie on their Instagram story over a week before Halloween! Why?! Anyway… I love fall and wanted to make the most of it so I was a bit of a “basic white girl” this past October as you will be able to tell during this post!


Since I’ve never done music favorites before, I’m going to share 10 of the songs that I am loving right now. Some of these are oldies but goodies and others are new music. I have been loving Apple Musics “Today at Apple” playlist where they list all of the music that was played in the stores that day. It has allowed me to remember how much I love some older songs still!

It seems like this month I have been gravitating to songs that hype you up and get you motivated or ones that are chill and relaxing that you can cuddle up at home and listen to. Disclaimer: I’m a rap girl. I have been listening to hip-hop and rap since I was in diapers but I love a little bit of every genre. I’m not a rap girl that hates country by any means.


I absolutely love Logic for making the song 1-800-273-8255. The name of the song is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which is great in case someone who hears it is currently contemplating suicide. We all can get down at times and this song is a great reminder that your highs are greater than your lows and that your life is worth more than you may think at times. This one is definitely at the top of my list for October and I’m still going to have this one on my playlist for November!


Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha feat Florida Georga Line is an example of a song I love that mixes country with hip-hop music. Bebe Rexha’s voice is beautiful and a great complement to FGL’s signature sound.


I love the song Bo$$ on Fifth Harmony’s Reflection album for when I just need a reminder of why I work so hard for everything I want each day. Its also really upbeat so its the perfect song to motivate you when doing cardio!


All of Me on Big Gigantic’s Brighter Future album feat. Logic & ROZES is the perfect song when you are just hanging out around the house and relaxing or getting ready in the morning. It’s basically the best song when you are just trying to channel some chill vibes… ya know?


Its funny because my boyfriend and his cousin were talking last night about how much they don’t like this song but I find myself singing along to it EVERY time I hear it. I’m just like YAS girl! Hahaha. I love it. That’s all I need to say.


Unforgettable feat. Swae Lee is a song that I love to sing along to. It’s one for car rides and hanging out with friends. I love the beats in it.


This song makes me want summer back… just a little. But I love listening to this song in the car. It’s a really good one to get your mood up.


Sleepy Eyes by Elohim and Whethan is also another chill song that I like to listen to when I’m just relaxing at home. It’s a calming song with a nice beat to it.


I really like Jay-Z’s 4:44 album. I love the song 4:44 because this song has a different vibe than a lot of rap songs today. It is more about being humble and realizing you aren’t perfect than having an I could care less attitude. I also love Smile feat. Gloria Carter. I love how many artists are speaking up for equal rights and I love that this song does just that! On another note, I think Caught Their Eyes feat. Frank Ocean is a good feel good song on this album! Family Feud is also good… you can tell it was hard for me to pick faves from this album!


I saved the best for last. The song Glorious on Macklemore’s Gemini album feat. Skylar Grey is one of my absolute faves. I can’t stop listening to it no matter how many times I listen to it. My all-time favorite song lyrics are from this song:

I heard you die twice

Once when they bury you in the grave

And the second time is the last time

That somebody mentions your name

So when I leave here on this earth

Did I take more than I gave?

Did I look out for the people

Or did I do it all for fame?

I love these lyrics so much. My motto in life is to live a life that you will be proud to leave behind. I think this is such a great message to spread. I find that this is a common theme in Macklemore’s music and that is why I love him as an artist.

Also, if you haven’t seen the music video for this song, you need to watch it. It is him and his grandmother going out for a day on the town to celebrate her 100th birthday! I’ll leave it below because it is just too precious.


I surprisingly didn’t go to see any new movies at the movie theater this month. Instead, I watched a few classics and some others that came out earlier this year. I was going to watch Happy Death Day but I heard from my brother in law that it was really corny… and now I’m corny for saying corny 😅


During the month of October, I always watch my favorite childhood Halloween movies. This year I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the Halloweentown movies but I did get to watch the first one as well as Hocus Pocus and The Haunted Mansion. These are classics that will always get you into the spirit of fall and Halloween.


I actually thought that this movie was going to be scarier and was a little disappointed by that aspect of it. I love science and psychology (fun fact I almost studied chemistry and psychology in college) so I loved the concept of this movie. It did capture my attention all the way through and had a good overall theme and that is why it still holds a spot on my favorites list.

images (1).jpeg

I hadn’t watched this because it just hadn’t caught my attention before but I think the Rock and Zac Efron are really entertaining in comedies and wanted to watch a pick me up movie one night. This didn’t disappoint. I thought it was cool that they brought back David Hasselhoff and Pam Anderson from the original. If you want a comedic movie with action, this one is definitely a good pick!

TV Shows

So this is sad but I almost have a show for every weekday… don’t judge! So I decided I’ll sort them by day of the week so you can watch them too!


Good Doctor / Season 1

First of all, I love that more mainstream shows are coming out that include characters that have disabilities. I also love how this show portrays how intelligent individuals with autism actually are! Freddie Highmore is such a talented actor! I loved how convincing he was playing his role of Norman Bates in Bates Motel and he blew my mind again with this role. I 10/10 recommend that you binge watch the 6 episodes that are out already so you can start spending your Monday nights right watching this show!



I am a lover of AHS but my favorite season will forever be Murder House. If you haven’t watched before, you can start at any season because each season has different characters and plot. This season cult is good but a bit over the top disturbing at times. Nonetheless, I am a lover of horror movies and shows so I will continue to watch.



Suits isn’t on live TV now, but new episodes come out in January! Suits is a show about a young guy, Mike, who has a photographic memory. In college, he would get paid to pass the bar exam. He finds himself in a law firm working as a lawyer with fraudulent records and no law degree. This show is really entertaining because Harvey, one of the main lawyers in the show hires Mike and they are the dream team of law finding loopholes and blackmailing their way through winning every case. I always dreamed of maybe going to law school one day so I really enjoy watching this… plus there is always drama in the firm!



This show started in 2005 and is still running strong! There are SO many seasons for you to watch if you haven’t ever



Once Upon A Time is a good show for all of you Disney lovers out there. There are six seasons for you to watch at your own pace and they are on Netflix (Yay!) but the current season is on ABC on Fridays! This one was a killer during college… each episode makes you eager to watch the next one.


I read four books during the month of October in hopes of reading all of my older books before I give them away to friends. Out of the two that I read,  I would only recommend two of them to you all. These are teen/young adult books that I have had for a long time and never got the chance to read. I’m hoping to get through a good portion of my older books so I can start doing monthly reading list recommendations and reviews starting next year. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see in the comments!

images (2).jpeg

This was a really thrilling read about a girl whose sister, Nina, went missing. She is hell-bent on finding out what happened to her… so much so that she teams up with a complete stranger on a journey chasing clues to find out what happened to Nina. Once I was halfway through this, I stayed up the whole night finishing it because I literally couldn’t put it down!


This wasn’t as much of a page-turner as Wherever Nina Lies, but it was still a pretty good read! It is about a girl who is trying to finish her high school career with the burden of her father and the rest of those who know her know she had sex with one of her older brother’s friends. People take her as a joke and all she wants is to make the most of her life and make a new name for herself. We all know high school can be tough so this story can be relatable to an extent if you’re in high school but I still enjoyed it although I’m in my 20s!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you have probably noticed that I barely wear makeup. On the rare occasions that I do wear makeup, its only shadow, mascara, lipstick and maybe some eyeliner. That being said, I still have some beauty favorites for the month!!


I received 2 of Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick in an Influenster box a while back but never wore it because the colors were too bold for summer in my opinion. I received the colors Lover and Pioneer in the box. I used these about a week ago and I fell in love with the product all over again. I had been wanting to buy Lipsense, which is a product from one of those direct selling companies but I didn’t want to spend $25 on a lipstick. What was cool about Lipsense is that the color doesn’t rub off and stays on all day… well that is what this Maybelline does and it is less than a third of the price of Lipsense. I purchased two more colors, escapist and loyalist from WalMart this past weekend for only $7 and change. I love the darker colors for fall and winter and will be sharing these even more often in pictures on my Instagram account so keep and eye out!


The Maybelline Super Stay lippie is very hard to get off since it has such staying power but this L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water in the waterproof type is a miracle worker for taking off any makeup and it’s not harsh on your skin. I use this on my lips every time I wear the Maybelline lippie and have absolutely NO complaints! It’s funny… I got this in an Influenster box too… it’s like they knew I’d need it.



The gorgeous plaid scarf top is from The Cheeky Flamingo and can be styled four different ways. I think a blanket scarf is a must-have for the fall and this one has the bonus feature of being worn as a poncho and shawl as well for added wearability!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A vest is a must-have for fall too but you don’t have to splurge on it! So many people splurge on vests from J Crew but I got this one from Brookewood Designs Etsy Shop and although she has already sold out of the herringbone style, she has a very cute pink or blue quilted vest that is monogrammed as well for only $25! This is a steal compared to the J Crew ones!


I really think that a fun statement bag steps up your fall wardrobe. This cute red crossbody can also be used as a clutch! It’s from Imoshion, which is a vegan handbag company. I love that their bags are vegan because if I can do something to help animals and the environment, I will! This bag is only $19, which is a total steal!! I wouldn’t have normally picked something like this but I really love it!


So I obviously saved the best for last… I mean who doesn’t love food?! Seasonal food? Even better!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.26.23 PM.png

ATTENTION: This is not a pumpkin spice latte… it is SO MUCH better! I saw this drink on Starbuck’s Instagram and I couldn’t resist ordering one for myself! To order one for yourself, tell your Barista you would like an “Iced Caramel Macchiato with pumpkin sauce instead of vanilla syrup”. This drink is made with the same pumpkin sauce that is in the PSL, but I just love the creamy caramel twist of the caramel macchiato and the pumpkin sauce gives it the perfect fall twist. I tried to be even more basic and get the pumpkin bread but apparently, every other gal in Tribeca had the same idea because they were all out.😩 So, if you find yourself at a Starbucks that has pumpkin bread, have a slice for me.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.35.22 PM.png

Cue the Rivalry! These gorgeous Halloween donuts are from Starbucks rival, Dunkin’ Donuts! Someone commented on my Instagram post of these saying that they look like they are from a gourmet bakery and I completely agree! Dunkin’ definitely stepped up their aesthetic game for fall and these tasted even better than they looked! Bonus, I order a dozen assorted Halloween donuts and they gave me one of my favorites, Boston Cream! It’s the one with brown frosting and orange drizzle if you’re wondering! 😉


So my family decided to go to a diner for dinner spur of the moment last week and we found ourselves at the Riverdale Diner on at 3657 Kingsbridge Ave, Bronx, NY 10463. It’s in an area of the Bronx known as Riverdale, hence the name. I immediately thought of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe when we got there. It doesn’t look the same or anything… but it is a small cutesy dinner with huge servings of great food. I ordered the bbq crispy chicken sandwich with fries and it was delicious! I know that I don’t have a photo of the food here, but that’s because it was too good to stop and photograph! I always say that I am glad I didn’t decide to be a food blogger because I chow down then think about pictures later. 🙈 The huge neon diner sign makes for a cute photo op as well!


I hope you loved reading about all of my favorite things from the month of October! If you enjoyed reading this, let me know in the comments below so I know to do them every month! I would love to know what you have in common with my favorites as well!

Also, if you havent entered my November giveaway series on my Instagram, enter it now here. You can read more about my November giveaway series in this post including prize info and giveaway dates! The grand prize is a $200 gift certificate to Trendz Trafficker Boutique so you don’t want to miss out!!

Thank you for reading! Remember, love yourself and then share that love with others!

x- Chelsea


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