5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Perfect for Fall & Thanksgiving

Hello, Donnas!

We are only a little over a week from Thanksgiving, which is hard to believe because it seems like Halloween was just yesterday! That being said, it’s time to start prepping your grocery list, guest list and all the other things that come with hosting Thanksgiving dinner (unless you were lucky enough to be invited to someone else’s house and relieved of hosting duties). One thing that you may overlook while planning is how you’re going to incorporate fall scents into your home. It makes a world of a difference when your home smells good when hosting guests. I’ve listed 5 of my favorite ways to incorporate fall scents into your home below!

1. Fall Candles

Candles are something that you should SPLURGE on! I am so picky about the candles that I like. I want to make sure that I am spending money on something that (1) is going to carry the scent throughout my entire apartment and (2) is going to last a long time!! These candles from Clarksville Candle Company are my absolute favorite. The spiced pumpkin and apple harvest are perfect fall scents and I absolutely love how they smell when you burn them together! These also last for a very long time! I have burn these for several days for about 6-8 hours each time, if not longer. Plus, they are only $5.95! You can find the spiced pumpkin candle here and the apple harvest candle here! These are my absolute favorite way to make the house smell like fall!!

2. Wall Flowers

Wallflowers are an almost effortless way to bring fall fragrance into your home. You don’t have to worry about flames or consistently spraying product to keep the smell present. All you do is screw the scent into your wallflower, plug it in, and forget about it for a month! I have had this cinnamon caramel swirl scent in my wallflower for over a month and it still has fragrance left!! The outlet plug in the back rotates as well so you can plug it into vertical or horizontal outlets like mine. Make sure you twist the plug so the wallflower is upright like mine if your outlet is horizontal because the fragrance will spill out if the top if you plug it in sideways!! Bath and Body Works is still carrying some of their fall scents and you can even snag some Christmas ones while you’re there as well! If your store doesn’t have their fall scents out anymore, some good scents for fall from their original scents are warm vanilla sugar, cinnamon and clove buds, kitchen spice, and salted caramel! These can be anywhere from $3.50- $6.50 so keep an eye out for sales!

3. Summer Pot Potpurri

This one is probably best for before or after dinner is made because it takes up one of your burners (you could also put this on a hot plate). All you have to do is add the ingredients, fill your pot up with water and simmer! Make sure you keep an eye on the pot and add water when the water level gets low! This is a great way to use things you already have in your home to make your house smell perfect for fall! Feel free to change ingredients based on what you have at home and experiment with new scents! Some other great options of things to add in are lemon peel, cranberries, star anise, vanilla extract and allspice!

4. Air Refresher

Febreze came out with two seasonal scents for fall, fresh fall pumpkin and fresh pressed apple. These are great to spray your furniture and rugs with before guests come over for a quick refresh. I also always keep an air refresher in the bathroom counter to keep that area smelling fresh throughout the day. The msrp on these is $4.49. I haven’t picked them up yet but plan to for Thanksgiving day!

5. Hand Soaps

Hand soaps are a simple way to spread fall scents around your house for Thanksgiving. Guests will love that you have Fall soaps when they wash their hands. My favorite fall soaps are the foaming soaps from Bath and Body Works! These are currently on sale for 4 for $20 or 6 for $25 so stock up for winter and Christmas while you’re there to save time prepping for the next holiday!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and learning how you can transform your house into a fall paradise with 5 simple and affordable options! Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!!

Remember, love yourself and then share that love with others!

x- Chelsea Raymond


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