My 2017 Christmas List (Prices from $4-$278)

Hello, Donnas!

I still can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only one week away… wow. Every year, I craft my list by going through my favorite brand’s websites and their Black Friday ads. I like looking at Black Friday ads because they usually include all of the popular items for the year. I also round up all of the things that I have been wanting over the past year but didn’t want to splurge on. I thought sharing my Christmas List this year with you is the best way to share ideas for your own Christmas List as well as a gift guide for you to use for friends that have a similar style or personality to my own! I’m going to share my list with you the same way as I share it with family, categorized my store with product name and price. For clothing items, I always include the item number, color, and size because it helps sales associates help your family and friends if they can’t find something. Yes, I excessively organize my Christmas List… don’t judge it :p

Disclaimer: I’m obviously not expecting all of these things for Christmas. I enjoy being surprised on Christmas and therefore, like to give lots of options for gift ideas.


G.H. Bass & Co.:

Kate Spade:

Tory Burch:


Five Below:

Jack Rogers:

Lilly Pulitzer:



I hope you enjoyed reading all of the things that are on my Christmas list this season. As I was going through this, I realized that a lot of the things that I want this year are shoes, which is because I haven’t invested in that part of my wardrobe in a long time. I also have been wanting some mules and loafers for a long time because they can be casual or suitable for a work environment! I also really love room decor, which shines through on this list. I would love to know what things you are adopting from this list to put on your own Christmas list.

It was so hard to put this together because I am honestly so grateful for everything I have after graduating college and moving to the city of my dreams… and I’m not saying that to sound like I am the most grateful person in the world. It’s natural to want things, it’s just nice not to be a student and to be a “grown-up” and #adulting these past few months. I have had my mind on so many other things that I hadn’t even had a chance to think about what I wanted for Christmas until today!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and if you like this post, feel free to look around my site and subscribe to my blog by email (form in the right-hand column) to receive notifications when I publish a new post! I have a lot of great content planned this holiday season and I would love if you checked it out! Have a wonderful day!

Remember to love yourself, and then share that love with others!

x- Chelsea

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