A Pop of Color For Your Winter Wardrobe

Hello, Donnas!

Warm and dark colors are a staple for the winter season, but don’t you just crave a pop of color sometimes? I know I do! I miss the bright colors of spring and summer during the fall and winter and sometimes just want a hint of color to my outfits. That is where colorful accessories come in!

A brightly colored handbag, scarf or jewelry can transform an outfit with ease! I personally love this Starfish Beaded Necklace from Coastal Creations. It has the cream and gold neutral tones to compliment all of your fall and winter outfits and the blue provides such a gorgeous contrast.

Today I wore a camel colored sweater from Cotton On, a pair of black skinny jeans and black booties both from Kohl’s and then topped it all off with this gorgeous necklace.

The great thing about this piece is that it is versatile and can be worn all year round! It pairs great with Lilly pieces, which is why I ultimately chose it but adds a coastal preppy touch to any outfit throughout the year.

This would also make a great Christmas gift for any gal who loves nautical or preppy fashion! It is the perfect level of preppy and chic!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! I am going to be posting a lot during the month of December so make sure you fill out the email form to the right so you receive email notifications when I publish a new post! Also, I am filming daily Vlogs during the month of December for Vlogmas so be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well and subscribe if you like what you see!

Since it’s December 1st, I want to start asking daily questions to get to know you all a little better. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Mine is definitely the holiday Carvelog ice cream logs! I also love pumpkin pie! Leave yours in the comments!!

Remember, love yourself and then share that love with others!

x- Chelsea


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