Changing Things Up For 2018

Hello, Donnas!

Happy 2018! I’m not really sure why but I’m so excited about this new year and fresh start more so than I have ever been in past years! 2017 was a wonderful year and included so many beautiful memories like visiting Toronto and going to my first MLB game rooting for the Blue Jays, pitching a company to my college’s investment board after a year of research and having it approved, graduating from college, moving down to NYC, going on a cruise with my boyfriend Brian to celebrate graduating and my first NFL game cheering on the Jets! The things that I am thankful for are the memories and these are things that I will cherish for a lifetime. That being said, I have such great things to look forward to in 2018 that I cannot wait to share with you all.

After graduating in May, it was easy for me to slide into a slump where I felt stuck and uncertain of what the future should hold since my plan was not written out for me for once. It was probably one of the most scary moments crossing the stage and knowing what was ahead but at the same time having no idea. Once I realized that I wasn’t one of the lucky students with a secured job after graduation, I mentally shut off. I was frustrated that my hard work didn’t lead to fruition and I didn’t have that instant gratification that us millennials have grown to love.

That being said, going through the interview process several times and finally having one look promising, I am feeling afresh as I begin this new year. This year, 2018 actually symbolizes a fresh start in my life and one that I am completely in control of. Whoa… adulting is hitting me hard.

I have always been the organized one and the one that seems to have her life together… but right now, everything seems like it’s slipping through my fingers. Thinking about all of this as we counted down last night was what made me realize that I did want to list out some resolutions and not only one, ten.

I know ten resolutions may seem overwhelming, but it is really just a list of goals that I have had that I want to make a reality instead of continuing to dream about them. Maybe you all have similar goals and this will inspire you to stick to your guns and turn some of your expectations into reality as well!

1. Plan ahead on Instagram and Blog Posts so I am not scrambling to create content that I am not completely proud to post. I want to create quality content and not constantly feel like it’s a job because I don’t plan.

2. Post more outfits!! If you follow me on Insta, I have explained this one a little already. I have had outfits that I have loved on before but not posted them because I didn’t go to a chic cafe or gorgeous park that day to photograph it. I’m saying GOODBYE to such high standards and instead, sharing everything I love with all of you instead of waiting until later because honestly, sometimes later never comes!

3. Read at least a book a month. I absolutely love reading and ditched it as a hobby in college because I didn’t want to see any other books besides what I was reading for class. Instead, Netflix became a guilty pleasure. And no… I’m not giving up Netflix, but the length of my binging sessions were kind of embarrassing looking back. I’m hoping that if I reach this goal each month, I can share what I think about each book with you!! A lot of the books that I have are from high school so they are young adult books (forgive me) but once I finish all of those, I am going to be investing in a nice book collection and I cannot wait for the day I can buy some new ones!

4. Drink more water! I got a Swell bottle for Christmas and it is a gift from heaven! It has been attached to me like an extra body part since I opened it and my goal is to fill it up at least 3 times a day- more in the summer but it’s so hard for me to drink a lot of water in the winter months!

5. The last one leads into this… NO SODA! I did this as a teenager and oh my did it have results! I already am not a huge fan of soda so it isn’t going to be a hard one to keep up with. It’s really just going to take me reminding myself to say no when someone offers it. Along with this, I am going to limit my intake of juice, hot chocolate and other sugary drinks to a minimum.

6. Workout on our new treadmill every day! We were the typical people and went out today on New Years Day to buy a treadmill… I know, I know, but I am going to be keeping track of my workouts and now I have no excuse to skip a day because I can do it from the comfort of my own apartment!

7. Be a nicer person and use better language. I can be quite a potty mouth sometimes and I am disgusted by it myself. I hate hearing it come out of my own mouth so from now on, I am going to be conscientious of it and strive to make that easy change.

8. Succeed in starting my career on the right foot! It’s what I studied so hard for! I honestly became a little distracted from this goal momentarily but I want to become the ultimate girl boss in business and someone that my kids can look up to!

9. De clutter! I want to clean out a lot of things, the biggest of these being my closet. Anyone else look that their closet full of clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear? That’s me almost everyday.

10. Use up my stored hair products and perfumes! I need to start using these more often so I can clear out my storage of them. This kind of goes along with number 9, but sadly the size of my perfume collection justifies this being listed on its own!

This list seems huge but I’m so motivated to look back on this at the end of the year and feel accomplished. Cheers to a wonderful year my friends and I hope that this year is a blessing to all of you and brings all of the happiness that you all deserve! Thank you all for all of your support of my blog and social channels and I can’t wait to share what I have in store for my blog this year!

Also, New Year, New Mantra (oh so typical), so…

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

You guys are the best! Until next time,

x- Chelsea


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