New Year, Big Goals!

Hello, Donnas!

I am hitting the ground running this year making TONS of goals in both my personal and professional lives! Yesterday I shared my personal resolutions, so today I am going to share my professional goals for my blog. As you may have realized, I just called my blog a profession. Although I don’t plan on making blogging my only career in my life at the moment, it is truly a career given the time that I designate toward it and I am going to be taking it much more seriously as we head into this new year.

The first set of goals I have are for blog traffic. I looked back on 2017’s numbers, which weren’t a full year’s numbers but still way more than I was expecting for 2017. From there, I set aggressive goals for 2018. My goal is to achieve 15,000 yearly Views, 3,000 unique visitors, 500 likes and 150 comments!

Some of these are more than double what I saw in 2017, but my reasoning behind these goals stem from my content goals for 2018. I have plans to create new content every day for all of you lovely ladies! I am also going to be investing more time in fashion photography on my Instagram and therefore more fashion content on my blog. I will still be writing lifestyle posts as well but will also be writing crossover posts where I’ll post about lifestyle topics but include my outfit details in them as well. An example of one of these that I have written in the past is my Casual Clothes & Tacos Post, which happens to be one of my favorites that I have put together thus far!

My most far fetched but most desired goal is to get accepted into the Like 2 Know It community so I can share my outfit details more easily in my posts and on Instagram!

Lastly, I formulated goals for Instagram followers. This is the most important set of goals and what is going to drive the rest of my goal achievement. I can’t wait to increase the size of my community. The bigger the community, the more quality content I can create!! My current follower account is 1700. Here’s what my goals are for my Instagram followers for 2018:

January: 2500

February: 5000

March: 7500

April: 10k!!! (I would be thrilled to reach this one! I may throw a party if I achieve this one!)

May: 10.5k

June: 10.7k

July: 11k

August: 11.5k

September: 11.7k

October: 12k

November: 12.5k

December: 13k!!

I am going to push myself as much as I can to be as successful as possible this year but I also have to say that I am thankful for each and every one of you reading this! You are all the best boss babes out there and the reason why I am able to do what I love to do and I look forward to creating content for you all this year! Thank you!!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea


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