Top Ten Picks From the Lilly Pulitzer APS

Hello, Donnas!

It’s back again! I can’t believe it’s already time for the winter Lilly APS! During the last After Party Sale I put together a list of my favorite picks from the sale and you all loved it so I wanted to do the same this year, even though I decided to sit this one out! I hopped on to the sale quickly to make sure there wasn’t anything I absolutely needed, then quickly picked ten of my favorite items so I wouldn’t waste other people’s time who were in the queue. I love taking screenshots of some of my faves because it gives me a ballpark price range of what I can expect next time around! Without further ado, let’s get into my top picks!











Lilly just holds a place in my heart! I love their chic take on bohemian fashion and will always love their items! Last August was my first Lilly Pulitzer APS and I bought two items that I truly cherish!

The first is the pair of shorts in the top photo of this post! They have a 5″ buttercup hem and are adorable! I got this pair in Sparkling Blue Fan-tastic $34! The second thing is the Riva Dress in Multi Shell of a Time that I snagged for $39!

I checked on the prices of the items that I bought from the last APS and they actually still have my Riva Dress in stock! Then as news is that they currently have it listed for $49!

They don’t have the same print in the scallop hem shorts as the ones that I snagged last August but they do have plenty of other print and solid color options and most of them are priced at $29, $5 cheaper than I paid in August! So it seems that the January sales may be the best time to score some shorts for the following summer!

Lastly, here are some tips that I have from my experience shopping the sale:

  • Make an account early and add payment info for an easy checkout process! Items aren’t reserved in your cart! You have to completely checkout to claim an item but BEWARE once you checkout, you will have to enter the queue again if you want to buy more!
  • Shop on al your devices! Some devices have shorter waitlists than others! It all depends on what others are using to shop. Last time the app was the golden ticket until they shut it down halfway through the sale! You can shop on iPhones, tablets and laptops… just don’t refresh your page!
  • Set an alarm the night before for 1/2 hour before the sale so you can set up all of your devices. Google “Lilly Pulitzer” so all you have to do is click the link when the sale opens.
  • Know your size because all sales are final! The last thing you want is an item you are forced to sell or gift because it doesn’t fit. If you don’t know your size, get a stretchier item like the Riva Dress I bought in August. That way, it has some give instead of a pair of numerically sized shorts! You can find out your size easily by visiting a store before the sale and try things on!
  • Follow Lilly on social media! They are very active on Twitter during the sale and will continuously give helpful updates. Last APS they let customers know they were disabling the app halfway through the sale due to technical difficulties!
  • Make a wishlist ahead of time and follow your favorite bloggers posts to see what they bought! You may find something that you want to add to your own cart!
  • Establish a budget so you don’t overbuy!!
  • Don’t get impatient with customer service! This sale drives major sales for Lilly and there are real people that have to pack and ship every sale! You may not receive your items for a few weeks but they are going to be doing their best to make sure you get your items!!
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and get stressed. Take a step back and remember that it is only clothing! Good luck and I hope you find a bargain!

I hope this post helped you all navigate the APS to find the cutest items and best deals!

Happy shopping! If you find something good, I would love to know what you bought! Leave me a comment below if you shopped the APS this time around and if you want to share outfit pics, tag me on Instagram @midtowndonna! I would love to see your hauls!!

Want to see more Lilly APS content? Check out 13 of my picks from the Aug 2017 APS!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea


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