What To Do In Port: Port Canaveral

Hello, Donnas!

If you follow my Instagram stories, you may have seen that I have been debating writing a series about cruising. I have taken 2 Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises to the Bahamas and Florida from NYC. It may seem silly to take 2 of the same cruises, but I can tell you with confidence that I had an absolute blast the second time even though I had previously taken the same route.

The first stop of the 7 day cruise was Port Canaveral, FL. NCL offers quite a few different excursions for this Port but they can be pretty pricey and you only have 6 hours max in this Port if you are one of the first few off the boat and the last ones back on. That being said, things like Seaworld and Disney World parks didn’t seem really realistic since you have to account for travel time as well. Instead, both cruises we spent the day at Cocoa Beach. The first time we took the shuttle from the port, which is right there when you get off and I’m pretty sure it’s free. The second year, we met up with family and we drove over to the beach ourselves.

The first year we visited Ron Jon Surf Shop when we got off the shuttle, which is cool to visit if it’s your first time there! Their stuff can be pricey but we got very high quality body boards the first cruise that we used the whole day at the beach as well as at Norwegian’s private island, which was the second Port! We also stopped at CVS and stocked up on some things we had forgotten, since it was our first cruise, we were a little unprepared. We also stocked up on sunscreen, which is a necessity when your on a cruise! After CVS, we grabbed some Frozen Yogurt from I Dream of Yogurt, which is a really cute Instagram worthy genie themed froyo spot!

The second time around, we went to the beach again for a swim because the beach was so nice! After the beach, we decided to take a walk and found the cutest little mini golf course with an attached ice cream shop… win win! There is also a little bar with beer and wine but we had purchased the unlimited beverage package on the cruise and didn’t want to drink anymore. We decided to stop in and play and it actually ended up being one of the best memories from the cruise! It was called Lighthouse Cove with the attached ice cream shop called 3 Scoops Ice Cream! Here’s the address:

3811 N Atlantic Ave

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

United States

This was such a cheap way to spend the afternoon and we had a blast! The course is filled with such cute displays as well as waterfalls! It is an awesome way to pass the time in Port, especially if you are traveling with kiddos! That being said, it was also a cute little date idea for Brian and I so I recommend it to any one of any age.

But before we left, we had to grab some ice cream! We chose the watermelon sorbet and it hit the spot on such a hot day!

If you take the any cruise that ports in Port Canaveral or find yourself in the area, I definitely recommend checking this adorable little mini golf/ ice cream parlor combo out! I’m sure you will have a blast!

I’ll be sharing even more cruise related posts in the coming weeks so be sure to check back for more! Some that I have in mind are:

• menus for specialty dining restaurants

• what to do in Port: great stirrup cay and Nassau

• tips and tricks to cruising

• packing lists

• is the unlimited beverage package worth it?

If you have any other ideas, or questions about cruising, leave them down below! I would love to answer any questions or write requested posts!!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea


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