What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hello, Donnas!

This is long overdue but I still wanted to share the gifts that I received for Christmas with you all in case you’re interested in any of these items yourself! Since Brian and I recently graduated in May, it was a pretty light Christmas with what we wanted to budget for gifts but this past Christmas was the fullest in terms of love and great memories, which turned out to be much more valuable to me than any material thing I could have asked for! Without further ado, here’s what I got!

IKEA Alex Drawer Unit with 9 Drawers $129

This was kind of a gift for Brye and I both because we desperately needed more organization in our closet. The smaller drawers are perfect for things like socks, ties and belts and the larger bottom drawers are great for under shirts, camis and other underclothes! I had seen a ton of people using these for makeup storage but it worked perfectly for what I wanted.

Women’s Fleet Street Flounce Wool- Blend Coat $242 (on sale $144.99)

I scored this for only $95.99 on Black Friday and I LOVE this Coat! There was a Kate Spade one like this selling for $398 so it was a no brained that I needed it! This is a lot warmer than it looks and one of my fave purchases last year.

Junior’s SO Puffer Vest $50 (Sale $24.99)

As you can probably tell, I went with a color scheme for my winter outerwear. I did this so no matter what the weather was like, I could mix and match the pieces. I also got this on Black Friday and at the time it was $12.99!

Sperry’s Women’s Saltwater Booties $120

Going along with the same color scheme, these were the icing on the cake for my winter wardrobe and they were another Black Friday steal! I scored them for $48! These aren’t the warmest winter boots when comparing them to something like Uggs, but with a cozy pair of socks, they are perfect for me living in New York City. If I still lived in upstate NY, I most likely wouldn’t have gone with them but they do the job for me!!

You’ve probably noticed that I am talking about finding these deals so I should probably explain that we picked out the majority of our gifts this year, which is untraditional but it didn’t matter much to us because we don’t have any kids in our household. By doing this, we were able to keep an eye out for the best deals and make the most of our budget!

Samsonico Cinema Light Box – no longer available at Bed Bath & Beyond Online. Linked similar one from Amazon! $12.89

This was something I wanted both as a decor item as well as to aid in my blog and Instagram photography! I love the look of these and was happy to snag one for such a low price. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond and used the 20% off coupon to get it for $8. The one I linked is very similar and has some cute emoji symbols too! I only wish these came with more of each letter!

Royal Lime Tiki Palm S’well Bottle $40

I wasn’t on the Lilly radar when the Lilly x Starbucks S’well collaboration went live so I missed out and I wanted one so bad! I had always wanted a S’well and those patterns were gorgeous! That being said, this time around I was not missing out! I decided to go with the Royal Lime Tiki Palm because I am obsessed with Palm Print but looking back, I wish I got the larger size! I’m not a huge fan of the You Gotta Regatta Print but I absolutely love my S’well and my only complaint is the size. With my resolution to drink no soda, I have had to refill this baby a lot! I have also tested it and it fulfills it’s promise of keeping your water ice cold for 24 hours! If you’re in the market for a S’well now, I love this one! If not, hold out for a little! I’m sure they’ll do another collaboration soon since the first two were so successful!!

Gap Chenille Crewneck Sweater $49.95 (sale $27.99)

This is the softest sweater ever! I have been searching for a good chenille sweater and this is it! If you would like an oversized fit, I would definitely size up! I got a large and it fits pretty snug! This also comes in a cream and powder blue but most sizes have sold out online.

I hope you enjoyed this post! As I get older, Christmas presents begin to seem less important and instead I value more the memories I make with family during the holiday season. My favorite memory from last month was going down and seeing the Roc Center Tree! If you want to read more about that, you can check out a travel guide post I co-wrote with my boyfriend on our blog! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season (I never got a chance to really say that!) and that your year is off to an amazing start!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea


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