My Amazon Home Decor Wishlist

Hello, Donnas!

A new year has me thinking about my long-term goal of saving to buy a house! I have always been a lover of home improvement shows. I remember sitting in my living room as a child and watching Trading Spaces and now to this day Property Brothers and Fixer Upper are two of my favorite things to watch in my spare time. My biggest Pinterest board is my home decor for dream home board.

That being said, I have started planning what I want my dream home to look like since I was about 5 years old. Things have changed since then about what I want my home to be like (like I have nixed the idea of having a fire pole in the center of my house to slide down like Mia in Princess Diaries did) but what hasn’t is my constant window shopping for home decor.

One of my favorite places to window shop now is Amazon and I was surprised by how many affordable options they have for decor! I also love that so many people review the items so you get to learn about the customer service before even purchasing!

Since I can’t share photos of my non-existent house, I wanted to share 10 home decor items I have added to my ever-growing Amazon list!

If you’ve never used Amazon lists, under the add to cart button, there is an add to list button. You can make as many lists as you want and name them so it’s basically like Pinterest for Amazon. This is how I store all of my wishlists because I am always finding something new that I want to buy on Amazon. Without further ado, here are the beauties that are currently at the top of my list:


Moroccan Tan Brown Leather Footstool$64.99 + $6.50 shipping

I have seen footstools similar to these all over Pinterest and they have me swooning! I love how they give a living room a relaxed look.


Mkono Macrame Banner Wall Hanging$17.99 + Prime Shipping

I’ve always loved macrame and am loving the fact that it’s trending! I would love this for over my bed or on a living room wall above the couch! This is so affordable, how could you not snatch it up?


Traditional Vintage Moroccan Trellis Grey Area Rug 8′ x 10′$186.99 + free shipping for Prime members

This is my dream living room area rug. I love the variation in pattern on this one! I’m not big on fringed edges so I’m glad this one doesn’t have it!!


5 ft rose gold geometric boho warm white LED battery powered fairy lights$13.99 + Prime Shipping

I love fairy lights! I have a huge string of them that go around the entire perimeter of my bedroom ceiling. These would be really cute in a desk area but the only downside is that they are battery operated. I would much rather have ones that plug into the wall.


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp$19.47 + Prime Shipping

I’m late to the party with these and never wanted one but they are starting to grow on me. I wouldn’t get one until I had a house though because I own way too many lamps and lights.


El Paso Designs Mexican Falsa Blanket 47″ x 68″ $18.99 + Prime Shipping

I have an obsession with the Mexican blanket I bought on my road trip to Texas last summer and I want more of them! I would love a tan one that I could display and it would match anything. I can’t vouch for the quality of this one because I haven’t ever purchased one from this seller but the one I bought is one of the warmest blankets I’ve owned!


Mid Century Modern Silky Velvet Living Room Accent Armchair$92.99 + Prime Shipping

There are mixed reviews on this chair but what I love is that every negative one said that the seller reached out to them quickly to satisfy them! If you’re willing to take the chance, the customer pictures look like these are really nice chairs! I would be willing to give it a shot when I have a house. This would be such great piece of accent furniture in an apartment or living room.


Wee’s Beyond Champagne Sunflower Decorative Wall Mirror$33.99 + Prime Shipping

I absolutely adore the look of a round mirror in an entryway. I want one with some sort of geometric border around it like this one above an entryway table in my house!


OrganizerLogic Storage Baskets- Large 15″ x 15″ x 13″ Cotton Rope Storage Bin$23.67 + Prime Shipping

These are awesome for throw pillows and blankets. I would love one for my throw pillows in my bedroom and one for my throw blankets in my living room. They are great for dog toys or kids toys too!


Modern Simple Geometric Style Soft Linen Burlap Square Throw Pillow Covers 18″ x 18″ Set of 4$21.99 + Prime Shipping

These prints are awesome! My faves are the top left and bottom right but I love the idea of having so many pillows in the same color scheme! They have a lot of colors and options to choose from. They have a cute palm option that would be cool for patio pillows!

I had a lot of fun giving you some insight into what I hope my home will look like in the future! Are any of these items on your decor wish list as well? Let me know below!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea

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