My 10 Piece Capsule Shoe Collection

Hello, Donnas!

I have been wanting to declutter a lot in the new year so I decided to start today with my shoe collection. I have never been a big shoe shopper but I do plan on changing that in the near future. Some of the shoes I have I have had for over 2 years. That being said, I do want to switch out some of these pieces for newer ones in future but for now, they will do!

Full Disclosure: These shoes pictured aren’t the only shoes I own, but they are my most used pairs and therefore the ones I keep out. My other five pairs are a pair of riding boots, another pair of duck boots from 2 years ago, a pair of bear paw snow boots and two pairs of 1-inch heels- one blue and one navy. I don’t wear these often and have put them in easily accessible storage for that reason! Today I wanted to focus on sharing my 10 most worn pairs of shoes in case you are looking to slim down your own collection. I think with shoes similar to these ten pairs, you will have a footwear option for any occasion and much less clutter!

1. Sperry Duck Boots: I had a pair of duck boots but they were blue and brown and I didn’t know that they didn’t match much. This pair is much more neutral and match a lot more outfits!

2. Minnetonka Moccasins: These are my go-to slippers! I love Minnetonka as a brand! I had a pair of these that got damaged from walking outside over a damp sidewalk and they offered to send me a brand new pair if I paid to ship mine back. This was awesome customer service since it wasn’t even a manufacturer defect! I will always be loyal to this brand. Plus, these have a furry warm lining that keeps my feet so warm in this freezing weather!

3. Navy Aerosoles flats (similar pair): These may not be the most fashion-forward pair of flats, but they are definitely the comfiest, which is a big deciding factor when commuting in the city! I do want to get a more stylish pair of cozy flats in the future but for now, these are awesome! I am not a big heels lover when commuting but you could sub this pair out for heels if that’s what you prefer!

4. Adidas Superstars: These are actually the big kid’s boys size and fit like a charm! These are super popular but I love how great they match any outfit and are a great casual sneaker. You really can’t go wrong owning a classic neutral pair of sneaks!

5. Reebok Floatride 6000s: I got these free from Bzz Agent, which is awesome because these are the perfect lightweight workout shoe! You can also wear these with your fav athleisure wear for a cute look! I always keep a good pair of running shoes in my collection for working out or on days when I want to fight for the cause that leggings are pants. 😋

6. Jessica Simpson Floral Sandals (similar pair): I bought these for my college graduation and they are already pretty beat up so I will have to get a new pair when summer rolls around but I love a pair of pretty flat sandals.

7. Vera Bradley Flip Flops: These are awesome for the beach or as shower shoes. I used these my entire senior year and the design showed no signs of wear unlike a lot of other brands, including an MK pair I previously had! I definitely recommend these!

8. Leopard Flats (similar pair): These are awesome to spice up a black dress to go out or a casual outfit! I always like to keep a statement pair of flats in addition to solid ones.

9. G.H. Bass Leather Sneakers (similar pair): These are probably my favorite pair of shoes just because they are so unique! I love how they make any outfit pop but are also a neutral that matches everything!

10. Not Rated Pink Toed Oxfords (similar pair): fun oxfords are an awesome way to make a business casual outfit pop! I love to wear these with jeans or basically any casual outfit too for a classy edge!

I hope you enjoyed this and that it serves as a sort of guide if you are trying to declutter your house for the new year too! What is your favorite pair of shoes?! Leave me a link to them in the comments! I would love to check them out!!

Remember my friends, to start each day with hustle and your dreams will become reality.

x- Chelsea

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