Do You Know The Source of Your Clothing?

Hello, Donnas!

I wanted to share something that I recently educated myself about, slow fashion. Slow fashion is a newly coined phrase which describes a company that is completely transparent about the entire supply chain of their company, from the origin of their raw materials to the factory it was made in and on. These companies use eco-friendly products and manufacture in the best working conditions possible. A lot of them use products that are organic or fair trade as well! It’s all about being educated about the products that you are wearing and knowing their source.

If you thought that you can’t be kind when choosing your clothing, I think this will change your mind.

I prefer shopping at local shops and from family owned businesses because it’s something that I can do to ensure that I am directly supporting a family financially and doing as much as I can to ensure that nobody is taken advantage of in the process. When we buy products that were made in sweatshops internationally, we are not only supporting those practices, but you’re also contributing to a decreasing textile industry in the U.S. and an increase in the unemployment rate, which directly affects the state of our economy. Usually when we are checking out a dress on a rack, none of this is on our mind… but maybe it should be!

When I started doing collaborations, I wanted to collaborate with just about any company I could that sold products that fit my style. Now I am looking at both shopping and collaborating with a whole new perspective. I want to start thinking twice about the products that I buy to ensure that I am being as kind as I can as a shopper to each of the people as well as the environment that is involved in the development and creation of the product.

That being said, going forward I will be focusing on sharing more vegan products, slow fashion, and family owned businesses with made in USA products! I want to ensure that I am recommending products to you that are the best that they can be!

With slow fashion, you can insure that your clothing was made of high quality sustainable materials and that nobody was unfairly treated in its production. A lot of the companies that partake in slow fashion also have a great back story as to why they decided to partake in slow fashion or they are charitable with their proceeds, which is something I can happily stand behind. I love when companies give back to charity and are socially responsible.

I know that I will feel better wearing clothing that was kindly made and I hope that you are inspired by slow fashion as well! Although I know that not everything I will buy will be kind to the environment and workers, but I do want to make an effort to purchase more ethically sourced products and I challenge you to try to do the same!!

Together by participating in buying slow fashion, we can truly make a difference and help transform the world into a more kind place!

Today’s QOTD: Kindness is FREE. It’s a gift everyone can afford!

Take care,



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