Target Dollar Spot Haul | January 2018 | Bullseye’s Playground

Hello, Donnas!

I have an obsession with the Target Dollar Spot and love to see what is new each season! Living in the city, it’s hard to find a Target that has a decent selection in their Dollar Spot because everyone goes and raids it. My boyfriend knew that I have been dying to find a good Dollar Spot and made it a point to try to find one with me today (how sweet, right?). Luckily, we found one today that has a great selection and I was ready to do some damage!

I love watching and reading people’s Target hauls and I found such awesome things today that I am so excited about that I wanted to share them with you!

Palm Tree Rug $7

This is one of my favorite purchases from the haul because I’ve been wanting a nice area rug for in front of my closet that isn’t super expensive. This was one of the pricier Dollar Spot items but I couldn’t be happier with it!

You Are Beautiful Mug $3

This mug doesn’t say how many ounces it is but it is huge. It says it’s not microwave safe and hand wash only. I love the design of this. They had a lot of V-day themed mugs but I loved that this was neutral for any time of the year. The lettering is metallic gold which makes it look like it’s high quality.

Glitter Straws 6 Count $1

I bought these because one of the straws to my tumblers broke and I’m hoping one of these can replace it. These are also cute for pictures and parties. They had paper straw varieties (I saw pink and white striped and black and white striped ones) but I don’t like the environmental impact paper straws have. Although they look cute for pictures, it wasn’t worth it for me. I believe the paper ones were in a pack of 8-10 for $1 as well.

Cactus Trinket Dish $3

I always keep some of these next to my bed as a catch all for my jewelry, chapstick, lotion etc. and I’m excited for this design! I love the gold prick detail and metallic rim! They had two different designs. The other design was a potted circular shaped cactus.

Tabletop Cactus $3

These are a little pricey but I love the design of this one. I saw similar ones at Marshalls that were a little bigger and selling for $6 so I guess the price isn’t terrible. This tiny fake cactus is the perfect size for my bedside table to add some color to it! There were other styles of these but I liked this one the most and I think this one looked the most realistic!

Banner $3

This banner is for over my bed. I love the little gold sparkly clothes pins this comes with and think I may punch holes in the shapes to string them on and use the clothes pin clips to attach Polaroid style photos to add a personal touch to this!

Warm White String Lights $3

They had a pink and red variety of these as well but I liked that the white could be used all year round. I got these for over my bed and they fit perfectly. It’s a 6 foot strand with 10 lights. They are battery operated with 2 double a batteries (not included).

Letter board $5 & Extra plastic letters $1

I have seen other people haul different colors of these but my store only had one pink one left so I was so happy to find it!! I went specifically looking for this item and was thrilled that I snagged one. They had purple emoji shapes that you could buy as extras as well and maybe purple letters. I thought this was a great deal since a 10×10 is $19 on Amazon and I think this is a little bigger than a 5×5. It’s the perfect size for pictures or to display in a gallery wall. I’m so excited to use this. I already used it to write out a message and the letters stick firmly into the board.

I was so happy to find so many things to spruce up my room decor! I loved the theme of cacti, florals, Metallics and pastels that they had in stock this time around! Let me know if you are going to go see if you can find any of these items and what your favorite thing(s) from the haul were! I think it’s a tie for me between the Rug and felt letter board!

QOTD: “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

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