10 Classic Jewelry Pieces You Need In Your Collection

Hello, Donnas!

Throughout my teenage years I was horrible about remembering to put on jewelry but in recent years I realized that jewelry alone has the power to tie together an outfit.

Over the past year, I have put together a solid core collection of classic jewelry pieces that I think all women should own and I want to share it with you!

Faux medium sized statement pearl earrings make any outfit instantly look 10x more classy. I don’t think these are a piece you should splurge on for every day wear but I do believe that a pair of real pearls and a pearl necklace set is the way to go when investing in formal jewelry. You can buy a cheap pair at Claire’s like I did and it’s an simple way to make an outfit pop.

A simple ring is a great way to flair to your everyday style. My elephant ring is the way that I portray my personality in my outfit. My favorite animals are elephants and with this ring, people can learn that about me by just looking at what I’m wearing! You could also use this as a way to show off your birthstone. Other examples of showing your personality is with an antique ring, a turquoise ring, or a band with coordinates or a saying on the inside or outside of the band. I love how many simple options there are for rings.

Along with statement pearls, I think it’s important to have a classic pair of studs to spice up an outfit without having the earrings steal the attention! These are perfect when you’re wearing a statement top or printed pants.

Bangle bracelets are a very classic bracelet style. You could buy a metal bangle, a pearl or other color beaded bracelet or a crotchet beaded bangle like mine! I love the texture that this Crotchet beaded bangle adds to my arm candy. This specific bangle is from Sashka Co. and you can snag one for yourself and score 25% off your purchase + free shipping with code CHELS25.

Charm bracelets are another way to show off our personalities in a classic way. I love the Alex and Ani charm bracelets because they are all metal toned and high quality. I have several of these and love the vibe each one gives off. You could also buy a pandora bracelet (mine started to break so I’m not fond of these) or a classic charm bracelet. These are an awesome way to add flair to any arm candy stack!

A petite charm necklace is definitely a staple and the perfect addition to a high neckline top. I absolutely adore this Kate Spade initial necklace and it’s my go to when I want only simply jewelry pieces in an outfit!

A watch is something that I am a strong believer should be an investment piece. If there is a watch that you’ve had your eyes on, I would say it’s worth the splurge! I have no regrets about buying this MK watch and I wear it all the time. It’s a men’s watch so it has a larger face and bulkier band but I love the way it looks on. I think everyone should own a bold classic watch whether it’s has a crystal or diamond border or face or a colored band. It’s a great Showstopper piece and will also give your outfit so much wit and class!

In addition to a statement investment watch, I think everyone should have a petite business watch for business scenarios. You never know when you are going to have to go to an interview or meeting and those across from you will respect you more if you’re wearing a watch but you don’t want to be wearing a bright pink or overly blinged out watch.

I have become obsessed with these cuff bangles and definitely recommend them to everyone!! I got mine from Guess before Christmas and although they aren’t available, a lot of brands make similar versions and you can also find very cheap dupes on eBay! I love how these look next to a watch. The opening in the top wraps perfectly around your watch face giving it a perfect frame!

Lastly, a statement necklace is the best way to spice up a plain shirt or solid colored dress! I love the Kendra Scott necklaces and was thrilled to find this dupe at the Gap Factory Outlet.

With these 10 jewelry pieces, your outfits will look more put together and you can mix and match these pieces for so many options. Check out how I put some of them together:

I hope you get inspiration from this post whether you’re just starting your jewelry collection or trying to find those additional classic pieces to make your collection complete!

QOTD: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Dr. MLK Jr.

Happy Dr. MLK Jr. Day!

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