Easy Polaroid Garland DIY

Hello, Donnas!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a DIY post and I have been itching to make something new!

For the past few months, I have been making different garlands for each of the seasons but I wanted to switch things up and make something I could display all year round. I really wanted an Instax mini Polaroid camera because I love the retro look of the photos but I realized that I wouldn’t want to use it often because the film is so pricey. I thought for a while and realized I could make my own “Polaroids” with the photo paper I already had in storage! This DIY literally costed me $0 because I had all the supplies on hand and now I have a retro looking garland that I can change the pictures on and enjoy looking back on my memories!

The best part about this project is how little materials are needed! Most of the work is done editing the photos and sizing them on Word.

All you’ll need is a string to hang your photos, scissors, clothespins (The glitter ones I used are from a garland package the Target Dollar Spot. They have a few different varieties of just the mini clothespins now if you want some!), photo or printer paper & printer, whatever you are going to use to hang your garland (I used command hooks) and your smartphone to edit your photos.

The first step is picking what photos you want to use. I didn’t crop the photos- the full sized phone photos don’t look distorted when resizing them later. I used the VSCO app to edit my photos so they looked like polaroids with added grain and cooler hues. I think these really turned out nice once I printed them!

Once I edited the photos I sent them to my computer and created the polaroids in Microsoft word. To start, I created rectangle shapes with 3 pt black borders and white fill sized 3.39″ x 2.13″. Once I had all the white rectangles, I inserted the photos and resized them to 2.44″ x 1.81″ and moved them into the rectangles like a polaroid. Whether you’re printing on photo or printer paper, you can adjust the polaroids respectively.

You could also change the dimensions to regular sized polaroids if you like the look of those better.

Once they are printed out, all you have to do is cut the photos out, size the string and hang it up then attach the photos with the clothespins!! It’s really so simple and looks awesome! I’m so excited to continuously change out the pictures!

This is an awesome DIY for a dorm or apartment where you can’t or don’t want to put many holes in the wall!

I also hung a strand of 10 LED lights along the garland and love the way it looks at night. It’s so cosy.

QOTD: “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

Until next time,




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