How to Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals!

Hello, Donnas!

I hope you’re kicking your goal’s butt! Now that the month is halfway over (crazy, right?), I wanted to write this post sharing how I am staying motivated to reach my goals!

Only Make Goals That Are Realistic

Although you want to make goals that you’ll be over the moon happy to achieve, you want to make sure they are realistic. Set goals by looking at past performance and increasing the difficulty a notch. For example, if you lost 5 lbs last month and you plan to exercise more and eat better, aim for 7-10 this month. It’s not realistic to jump straight to 15 until you lose 10 in the prior month!

Make “Chunk” Goals

What I mean by this is plan out smaller goals that lead to your bigger ones! For example, one of my main goals is my yearly blog views goal but I have also set monthly and even weekly goals leading up to that big number! Each time I reach a weekly goal, I get so excited and it motivates me to reach my monthly and yearly goals!

Reward Yourself For Achieving Goals

It’s important to reward yourself through positive enforcement. I set small rewards for myself if I reach a goal. It can be as small as buying a decor item I’ve really wanted or the supplies to complete a DIY project I have been looking forward to making! This reminds me of the hard work I’ve done and pushes me to want to reach the next goal!

Don’t Punish Failure

You should be reaching for the stars, which means that not every goal you set will be easily achieved. As crucial as it is to reward your achievements, it’s equally important not to dread on your failures. You have to keep your eye on the prize and realize that if you let yourself feel like you failed, your performance will start to dwindle and it’ll be harder to reach future goals!

Find an Accountability Partner

Find a friend who is either trying to reach similar goals or reaching another goal and help motivate each other! If you and a friend are both trying to work out more, text each other each day making sure you have both done your workouts, or better yet, workout together! It makes reaching goals a lot more fun when you have someone motivating you and keeping you accountable!

These tips have really helped me be successful in reaching my goals last year. I am continuing this system to reach my goals this year! I hope it will help you reach your goals! Let me know in the comments what your goals are and how your progress is going!! My most successful progress toward my goals this year is writing a post each day!! I haven’t missed a day so far and I am loving it!

QOTD: “The more you believe in your ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will” – Shawn Achor

Until next time,




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