15 Weird & Random Facts About Me!

Hello, Donnas!

My Instagram following and daily readers have grown a lot so I wanted to write a post to share a little bit about myself with you that you wouldn’t otherwise know! So.. here are 15 random facts about me!

1. I was ambidextrous when I was a kid coloring with either hand and learning to write with both. In first grade, my teacher noticed and told me to pick which hand I liked writing with better and I chose my left! I secretly wish they never made me choose because it would be nice to be able to switch hands when one gets tired of writing!

2. I have cut my hair into a pixie cut twice to donate my hair to women and children with cancer in honor of my grandmother, who lost her battle with lung cancer when I was a little girl. I always envied the women brave enough to shave their heads with their family members and although she had passed already, I cut my hair to honor her when I was 17 and again right before my 18th birthday!

3. My favorite ice cream is from a stand in Syracuse, NY! It’s pistachio and strawberry soft serve twist with chocolate sprinkles in a cone in a cup. I miss that place dearly since going to college and then moving down to NYC! It sounds weird but I absolutely love it! One of my best friends and high school worked there and brought it as part of her gift for my HS grad party and my day was made!

4. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved when people sang happy birthday to me at restaurants! I would tell everyone I saw that it was my birthday. Looking back it’s totally embarrassing but at the time I had absolutely zero shame in my game.

5. My favorite donut is Boston Cream! A close second is the Canadian maple from Tim Hortons… any Canadian followers will understand!

6. I wanted to be a vet when I was little until I learned that it wasn’t all about just caring for the pets and that I had to cut them open to operate. That dream died right then. Realistically, my dream goal was to just own my own zoo. 😂

7. Since I was 3 my favorite food has been “Mexican” food. In elementary school, when I filled out things that asked what your favorite food was, I simply wrote “Mexican” 😂 not tacos… just Mexican.

8. I haven’t drank a sip of soda since January 1st! That and my blog everyday resolutions are still going strong without missing one day!

9. I love every single fruit! I could eat fruit all day long! My favorites are probably strawberries and mango.

10. I changed my major a week before moving into College from psychology/chemistry dual major to accounting then graduated with a BS in Finance! I definitely don’t regret changing my major although it was nerve wrecking both times!

11. My favorite stores are all the bargain stores! I love the TJ Max family of stores, Dollar Tree, and the Target Dollar Spot (I never shop there otherwise). Let’s just say I love a bargain!

12. I absolutely love art! I took art every year throughout high school and still consider doing it on the side to this day and trying to sell it but I don’t know what my niche would be yet! I also used to make macrame beaded bracelets to sell them and enjoy DIY-ing everything.

13. I had my own Piczo site when I was around 12 and it was my pride and joy. I was so sad when they changed the layout of their sites. I wish WordPress was as easily customizable as Piczo once was. Let me know in the comments if you used Piczo too!!

14. I barely ever wear makeup. (I did in high school my junior and senior years as a cheerleader.) To this day I don’t know how to use concealer, contour, foundation or any other facial makeup or what order they go in. 😂 When I do wear makeup, it’s only eye makeup (I can do a killer cat eye thanks to cheerleading) and recently lipstick!

15. I’m tongue tied! Luckily I don’t have a speech impediment from it and therefore am able to leave it as is. As a result, I can make that weird W shape with my tongue (you can google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about- I checked haha).

I hope you enjoyed these random facts about me! Let me know if you have any weird facts in common with me and I challenge you to leave 1-3 weird fun facts about yourself!! It’s fun to come up with them and I’d love to learn more about you all!

QOTD: “Don’t wait for people to be kind, show them how to be kind.”

Until next time,



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