What’s In My Bag: January 2018

Hello, Donnas!

I have been using my Imoshion Shayla Clutch/Crossbody for a few months now and I love the size and versatility of it! It comes in black as well and comes with two different straps, a small clutch strap and an adjustable crossbody strap. Although it’s listed as a clutch on their website, it’s 7.5″ x 11″ so it’s a decent sized crossbody when you want to use it for one and a steal at only $19!

Since I have been loving this bag, I wanted to give you a peek inside of what I can carry in it with room to spare! It has two side pockets on one side and a large zipper pocket on the other side!

I carry a large zip wallet that is also from Imoshion! It’s their Emily wallet ($10), which comes in both blue and black. It comes with a removable wristlet strap and could actually be used on its own if you’re traveling light. My iPhone 7 fits inside it and I carry only the wallet if I am going on a quick errand and don’t need my whole purse! This wallet has two cash pockets, dividers with a zipped area in the center for coins and 8 card slots, 4 on either side! I absolutely love this wallet and haven’t used another wallet since I received this one in August! It’s the same size as most other long zip wallets and there is still plenty of room in this purse!

I always carry a lotion and chapstick in my purse and it comes in handy especially in the winter! Right now I’m using Blistex Orange Mango Blast, which smells very tropical, and my absolute favorite hand cream, Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia! I highly recommend this hand cream of you have really dry cracked hands in the winter. After trying this brand, I can’t use any other one. I love their Pomegranate scent as well!

These are all of my personal care items I keep in my bag as a just in case! I am getting over being sick so I had a few cough drops in my bag and still have some left. FYI, my favorite cough drops are the Luden’s wild cherry kind! I have Placker’s flossers in my bag as a staple and they have come in handy a lot! I got this plastic case with a few in it in the travel section of Walmart’s toiletries and then just bought a bag to keep filling it back up. I also got some lens cleaning wipes from Walmart that I love and always keep a few of those in my bag. The last think in this pic is a life saver and that’s a blister band aid! I have to add one more back into my bag because I always have two but used one a few weeks ago. These are the best to have because if you get a blister on your foot, you can slap one of these on it and keep walking without feeling it! I used to bring these every time I traveled down to NYC and now that I live here, they are always in my bag. Nothing sucks more than having a blister and having to walk so much to get home. I also always keep feminine products on hand in the side zip pocket of my bag!

I always keep a pair of sunnies with me. These are a cheap pair of Rayban style glasses that I ordered from a monogram Etsy shop. They have since closed but you can find similar ones here and here.

I always keep a pair of iPhone headphones with me in this little coin purse that I got at a small store in NYC. Isn’t the design of it so cute though?

That’s all I have in my bag! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it gave you an idea of all you can fit in my bag! It is definitely all I need and I have loved carrying it for the past 3 1/2 months. I am usually changing out my purse a lot more often so that speaks volumes about how much I love this one!! I definitely recommend Imoshion as a company. They have a lot of on trend handbag designs and they are all PETA- approved vegan so you can be assured that now animals were harmed in the making of your bag! I have partnered with them to share two of their bags and one wallet and no complaints whatsoever about them! I can’t wait to style more of their handbags in the future!

QOTD: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

Until next time,



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