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Hello, Donnas!

I have seen a few bloggers do Life update type posts and thought it would be fun to write a “The Skinny on MD” post maybe biweekly (?) on all things going on in my life during that time! It’ll be sort of a mind dump for me to share everything going on in my brain as well as successes, failures and everything in between!

So to start off this Skinny, I have to says New Year’s resolutions are excitably off to a wonderful start. My two biggies were to give up soda and to blog every day! I honestly thought giving up soda would be easier than blogging daily and to be quite honest, I was kind of right! I haven’t had a sip of soda since the first and I don’t miss it at all. On the other hand, there have been days that I have thought about skipping posting on the blog and sending you all an apologetic Instagram story announcement telling you that I decided to take a day off. But, I am a goal driven person and I am so excited about how successful the blog has been since the New Year with posts daily that I can’t let myself give up! We are on track to set the record for best monthly views ever since I started the blog and have blown the record out of the water for engagement on posts (likes and comments!). I honestly can’t thank you all enough for this support!

Since I am so thrilled about the blog’s success, I started to think about a week and a half ago now I think about where I wanted this blog to go in the future. I hopped on Insta stories and talked about this a little bit.. and after listening to a few of Alexis Teich Miller’s new Laptop Lifestyle podcast episodes (a must listen btw), something finally clicked in my head.

I thought about the content that I am drawn toward and it is all of the people that I can find that have a positive mindset and more specifically those who speak about being kind. A little backstory about me is that in high school, I helped my school found a new club in honor of Rachel Scott, the first Student killed in the Columbine massacre. She had an outlook on life that if you were kind to someone, it was like a chain reaction and the next person would pay it forward. We wanted to start a club in our school about the importance of kindness and the affect it can have on in a high school community. Our high school class was one of the worst when it came to mindless bullying and judgement, full of cliques and we really saw a difference once we made people aware of the effect of their actions. It made me proud to stand on stage and guide my classmates through the changes that needed to be made and lead the club to success. I remembered the joy that that gave me and how somehow I had forgotten it. That being said, I decided that kindness can be incorporated into everything and nobody can have to many reminders to make it their mission to spread kindness each day, myself included.

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and stop looking at the big picture or focusing on our purpose on this earth. For whatever reason, that day as I listened to that podcast, things clicked with me. I decided that I wanted to focus on writing about brands that stood for something instead of just trying to find brands to collaborate with or buy products from that I thought were aesthetically pleasing. When I say this, I mean that I wanted to find brands that weren’t solely aesthetically pleasing but are also kind to the environment, kind to those in third world countries, empower women or are working to build up the economy of our country and make it a better place. To me, I would rather give my money to someone who is going to do good with it instead of to a huge company that only cares about their top line. I realized that I was so passionate about this that it was weird that I hadn’t realized it before. So I tightened my bootstraps and took the leap. I got the courage to try to explain my vision to all of you and started working toward making my goal a reality.

Other ways that I have incorporated this general goal of spreading kindness with you all is by sharing a daily quote on my Instagram story related to spreading kindness or having a positive mindset. I really enjoy quotes and think that they can be a simple reminder to sit back and look at your day through a different, more positive lens. This has also helped me look at things differently. Instead of getting frustrated when a person is rude, I keep a smile on my face and tell them to have a wonderful day. You don’t know their backstory and maybe your kind words can change their mood around! This is something I have always strived to do but since I started incorporating the idea of kindness into my blog, it’s on my mind more throughout the day and has changed my whole outlook and mindset to a more positive one. I also created a Facebook group, which still needs work but that is to share ideas of how to spread kindness, quotes and stories, or motivate each other to stay positive! I am going to be focusing more on developing that next month.

The reason I say next month is because I am going to devote the rest of this month to planning ahead on blog posts. It has been a struggle to say the least finding time to blog every day and I have to start making time to draft a few posts for the future so I can just schedule them to go out on certain days. This is something I wanted to do before the new year started but never got around to it. I am not going to give up though! I am going to keep moving forward and hope to start planning ahead in the next few days! That has probably been my biggest struggle in the past few weeks but if that’s the worst I’m dealing with, I have to remember that it could be a lot worse.

I hope you are all off to a great start this month and that you are reaching some of your goals or at least on track to reach them!! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy posts like this and I will make it a biweekly series if you enjoy them and think you’d like to read them that often! Give me an honest critique! I could have kept writing but didn’t want you to feel like I was rambling or get bored. Let me know if I should write more or less on average and what types of things you would like to read about in my skinnies! I want to create content you love and the best way to reach that goal is with your input! Sending love to all of you!!

QOTD: “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same.” – Rachel Scott

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “The Skinny on MD

  1. Love, love, love this post and all of the positive energy you are spreading via your social media! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and your blog, you certainly deserve all the good things! xo


    1. Aw thank you so much!! It means a lot! I can honestly tell you I’m 110% more excited to blog each day since I decided to incorporate kindness and having a positive mindset into my blog!! Wishing you all the best too! XOXO

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