Bargain Shopping Spree Haul!

Hello, Donnas!

I was at the mall today and found so many good deals!! All of the stores are trying to get as many sales as they can before their fiscal years end and you need to take advantage of it! Every store I went into had crazy sales! Some even had extra percents of clearance! I got a few things that I wanted to share with you!!

Bath and Body Works

If you watched the few of my Vlogmas videos I uploaded, you know I had my eyes on this candle for almost a month. Today they had it on clearance for 50% off, which brought it to $12.25, which isn’t anything special, but they also have a 20% off coupon with no exclusions valid until the 28th, making this only $9.80!! The cheapest I’ve seen the 3 wicks go on sale for is $11 so I was psyched to see they had my favorite fall/winter scent on clearance!

I didn’t even know that Bath & Body Works sold bath bombs but these were also on clearance for only $1.73 and then with the 20% off coupon, the were $1.39! What a steal. One of them is Christmas themed, but honestly, a bath bomb is a bath bomb to me! I can’t wait to treat myself to a bath with these soon!


Okay these are what I’m most excited about in this haul. For whatever reason, which I don’t understand at all, Aldo has sunglasses on clearance. I’m not complaining at all because spring and summer are coming up and I was in desperate need of new fun sunnies! I bet you wouldn’t guess how much these were if I gave you ten guesses! Guys, they were on sale for $0.98 + and extra 50% off, making each pair only $0.48. I had to ask the sales associate if it was true because I couldn’t believe my eyes. These were the deal of the century and y’all need to run to your nearest Aldo and see if they are on sale at your location!!


Yep, you read that right! This sweater is super high quality and was only $7! How could I not buy it?! I also have an obsession with red lately, so that was even more of a reason to buy it.

This is the only item I didn’t buy on sale today and it’s just because they were so perfect and lightweight! These were $9.99 but I’m so excited to wear these with so many outfits for the perfect pop of red. I searched my local Wal Mart for a pair similar after seeing so many people haul them but unfortunately our store doesn’t carry them. That being said, I thought a $10 splurge was worth it for earrings I know I’ll get a ton of use out of and H&M had the cheapest price for tassel earrings out of all the stores I visited today!

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul! Everyone calls me a bargain shopper because I literally live for finding the best deals and building a wardrobe on a budget. You all definitely need to check out your stores ASAP and see what great bargains you can find!

QOTD: “It’s up to you to see the beauty in everyday things.”

Until Next Time,



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