January 2018 Q&A | Part 2

Hello, Donnas!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day today! I answered a few of your questions yesterday in a part one to this post, and today I will be finishing up the rest of the questions!

Q: How does your blog play into your professional career goals? Also, love your message of kindness. Do you find that it has changed you and the people around you for the better?

A: My blog itself isn’t necessarily a part of my career goals. Instead, it helps fulfill a part of me that needs a creative outlet and that freedom to write about whatever I desire. For those who don’t know, I was a Finance major in college and hope to one day become the CFO of a company.

That being said, my career path isn’t very creative, but I absolutely love what I studied and can’t wait to make a career out of it. I strive to be a well rounded person, which isn’t hard given my love for both Analytics and numbers as well as art and creativity. I knew that I would want to devote time in my adult life to some sort of creative venture and the idea of blogging just sort of fell into my lap! It’s the perfect balance of commitment and creativity and I think I will enjoy blogging long into the future.

That being said, I do have career goals for my blog in itself since I look at it as another job, especially recently. Last year I was playing around with the idea of being a blogger but this year I am taking it more serious and working hard to increase my readership and come up with creative content that all of you will enjoy. My long term goal is for my blog to have brand recognition, meaning when someone tells a friend about something they read on MD, they will have read it and are able to bond over their love for my blog. I know that is far fetched, but I hope to achieve that goal one day. I don’t make as long term goals with the numbers because numbers go along with that. It’s more important to me that I am inspiring others to follow my path and in essence, influence their decisions… because that’s what influencers do!

To start answering your second question and tie it into the first, the reason why I decided to infiltrate the idea of kindness and positivity into my blog is because I understand my blogs potential. I realize that if this blog grows, I want it to have a positive underlying message because that is who I am as a person. I am always striving to help people realize their fullest potential and spread kindness wherever I go. The best part about it is that when you treat someone with kindness when they are least expecting it, you can actually see their face light up as a result and that’s so fulfilling.

Implementing kindness has definitely changed me for the better. Like I said earlier, I try to always make it a point to be kind to those around me but we all have our bad days or even weeks. It’s easy to slip into a path of frustration whether it’s because you’re frustrated at work or school, having a disagreement with a boyfriend or friend, or any other negative event in your life. I have found myself in these paths where nothing hits me right and I’m just so miserable. Since changing my blogs path, I have noticed that I don’t let things dwell as much and I spread even more acts of kindness throughout my day because being kind is on the back of my mind throughout the day even when I’m not working on my blog!

My goal for all of you is that I am able to better your mindset through my content in a similar way. I want you all to be more positive individuals and spread acts of kindness to others. By doing so, we will be changing the world for the better step by step. I’m not sure that I have achieved that goal yet, but I believe it can be done. If you are reading this and feel that I have had this impact on you with my blog, let me know in the comments. It would really mean the world to me if I am helping you find the road to living a kind life.

I know in my personal life, that my family has definitely been more positive lately as a result of my increased positivity. You would be surprised how much of an impact a positive attitude can have on those around you. In contrast, when you lack positivity and are not trying to spread kindness throughout your day, you will see that you don’t enjoy your day as much and the moods of those around around you are also affected. I hope that all of you see this similar increase in positivity in your lives as you move to a more positive and kind outlook.

Q: What are your top tips for new bloggers to grow their audiences:

A: I have 3 major tips for anyone who is thinking about starting a blog, has a new blog, or currently has a blog and wants to increase their stats! These three tips can be applied to any of these scenarios and were the biggest eye openers to me during my blogging journey thus far.

1. Market your blog! Create a social media account for your blog on the platform that you are most confident using. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you will be most successful at marketing your blog in a way you are comfortable.

I personally see this in my own marketing. My favorite social media outlet is Instagram and my least favorite is Facebook because it’s the one I use least in my personal life. As a result, my Instagram has over 2,000 followers and my Facebook page has only 11 likes.

Your strong suits will prove to help you become successful so it’s important for you to focus on what your good at instead of creating a blog account on every social media platform. You also want to create a business account on the platform you choose if possible. Use the supplied analytics to your advantage by posting at popular times.

I also recommend that you post on a scheduled day/time. Also, only post content that you’re proud of. If you’re posting filler content, you’ll be unhappy with it as well as the engagement on that post. I have found it’s successful to create social content that corresponds with the content you’re publishing on your blog at that time.

2. Be yourself! Create a blog that you are excited to write content for. Find a niche or theme that you are passionate about and create a blog or tailor your existing blog to that new theme. That being said, don’t think that you’re stuck to the niche that you created your blog around. People change and your followers will most likely understand and they will also see the passion behind your new posts that was lacking in your older posts.

In the same token, don’t feel like you have to post a certain type of post because they are successful for others. Just because what’s in my bag, Monthly favorites and challenge posts like “boyfriend does my makeup” or “best friend buys my outfits” may be successful content for some bloggers, doesn’t mean that you have follow the same path to succeed. Your success will come from your organically created content and you will want to write and create more if you don’t feel like you have to write a certain post but instead you’re excited to share a certain idea with your followers.

3. Create a sense of community and really make an effort to connect with your readers. There are so many ways to do this. A few ways are to create a blog Snapchat account, create a Facebook group for your readers to join or take advantage of Instagram stories if your main social media marketing account is Instagram. I can definitely expand my efforts to create a sense of community this way and I plan to increase my talk time on Insta stories because it is a really powerful tool.

As a blogger, your readers don’t really get a lot of exposure to you as a living person and instead are most often left with only your words to learn more about you. When you are involved in making short snaps or videos, they see what you sound like, how you carry yourself and if you’re a Fashion or beauty blogger, what your outfit is or what makeup your wearing currently and it makes them feel more connected to you. If you search up your favorite successful blogger on Instagram, you’ll see that they are using stories to their fullest potential. Aim to be like them!

Snapchat can achieve a similar goal but the only barrier to Snapchat is that you have to convince your followers to add you on that platform! It can definitely be done and I know a lot of people who prefer Snapchat and make it work for their marketing so if you have the drive to be successful at it, go for it! There is no set list of instructions to success. The only thing that is going to drive you to success in the blogging world is your passion.

The last bit of advice I have for creating community is to make your readers feel like they belong to the group of readers by naming them something. I call all of you Donnas because I believe that you are all respectable women and it is a title that I am using for myself so why not extend it to all of you! Another example of this is Danielle Carolan on YouTube calling her subscribers “The DanFam” to create a sense of community. Although this can feel awkward at first, it will definitely increase the sense of community in your space!

Q: How did you get started?!!

A: I answered a similar question about why I started blogging on part one of this post yesterday. You can read that here if you’re interested!

So I’ll answer this questions solely related to MD. I get started by creating an Instagram account and the blog account on WordPress. I know a lot of people like using other sites but I had experience using WordPress so that is what I chose. I started the free account and shared posts about DIYs, food, fashion and Lifestyle posts. I wrote about everything I wanted to and didn’t try to fit a niche. I followed accounts on Instagram of ladies who had feeds that I liked or were other small bloggers and shared photos on Instagram that I was proud of. I tried to only put out my best content and spent hours upon hours creating content. I slowly built my following and hit a lot of plateaus. The most important thing I learned is to be persistent and although I still want to grow my blog, I am still thankful for all that I have achieved thus far.

Q: If you could have any job strictly based on passion, what would it be? And if you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

A: First off, I love these questions because they made me think a little and the answers will help you learn more about me!

If I could have any job, I would be the CFO of a company that has an ethical and socially responsible mission. I love my Finance education and literally get energy from analyzing companies and trying to figure out how they can be more successful. I want to find a company that I can be proud to work for and has a mission that aligns with my own ethical values. I don’t have a dream company in mind but now that I’m thinking about it, it would be amazing to work as a CFO for a non profit organization like Make a Wish. I want to wake up and know that my work is making a difference and that’s why I am so much happier writing on my blog now that I have decided to devote it to spreading kindness and a focus on living a better life! It makes me feel empowered that I can spread positivity with my blog!

If I could be any animal, I would have to choose a dog. It may seem typical but I’ll tell you why. My favorite animals are sloths and elephants. The reason why I wouldn’t want to be a sloth is because I couldn’t deal with being so slow. Although I wouldn’t know it, people would get frustrated with me and I wouldn’t like it as crazy as it sounds. I love the intelligence level and memory of elephants and admit it would be great to have a better memory but wouldn’t like the immobility of an elephant either. That’s why I would choose a dog. If your a dog person like me, you know how much you love your dog and how happy they make you. I would love to create that happiness for a family, especially if they had little kids. My favorite breed are French bulldogs so I would choose to be a frenchie. They have a good amount of muscle but are still really active. I could definitely not be a cat because I wouldn’t want to be as ignored as most cats like to be. I’d be the cat that licks people and is super playful.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the answers to these questions, especially if you submitted one!! If you did submit a question, I wanted to say thank you so much! I really appreciate your questions and had a blast putting together the answers. I could have rambled on and on for some of them and I did somewhat 😛 but it was great to learn what you wanted to know more about!! I hope you all have a great day!

QOTD: “Life is only as good as your mindset.”

Until next time,



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