A Perfect Budget Friendly V-Day Night For Singles & Couples!

Hello, Donnas!

V-day is coming up and there is always a sense of social pressure when trying to decide how to spend your Valentine’s day. Also, if you’re a recent grad, college student, young married couple, or even new parents, your budget may not be friendly to an elaborate date night. I know not all of my readers are in relationships and that can be a whole other can of worms when planning your v-day. For all of these reasons, I want to share with you how you and your gal pals or boo thang can make the most of your night while also taking it easy on your wallet!

The best part about this v-day plan is that the dress code is up to you! Yup, that’s right… pants are optional! 😛

The first step to making your Valentine’s day work on a budget is to make each other’s gifts and/or cards! I love homemade cards and actually think they have more sentiment behind them than store bought cards! You and your friends or date can incorporate making Valentine’s for each other into your date night if you want to! It would be a fun craft to do with each other and you can make a sort of craft table with glue, glitter, markers, paper and other craft supplies so you can make your best masterpiece! For gift ideas, you could make each other anything from custom travel mugs (these are available at the Dollar Tree ) to a heart-shaped cake that you can enjoy for dessert! All you need to do is bake a square and circle shaped cake, cut the circle in half and add the half circles to two sides of the square that are next to each other to create a square shape. If this is confusing, here are some images to visually explain it from another source! I made this before and it was a super simple, thoughtful gift!

The second part of your plan is to decide what you are going to eat in, order your favorite takeout! Whether it’s Chinese or Applebees, cater your dinner to fit your budget. You could also get some groceries from the store the day before. I found some fun things you could make at home that are v-day themed on Pinterest:

-day festivities early with this cute heart shaped breakfast! Found here.

eakfast to the next level with these bacon hearts! Find the tutorial here.

izzas are so cute! You could set up a mini pizza bar and make all sorts of different pizzas! Find the recipe here.

If you and/or your date are not talented in the kitchen, takeout is your best friend. My favorite service for takeout is Uber Eats. Whenever I have a problem with my food, they are always quick to make it right! If you have never used Uber Eats before, you can sign up with my referral code: eats-brianb44444ui and you’ll get $5 off your first 3 orders!!

Once your food plans are decided, the next step is deciding what your entertainment is going to be! If you are having your gals over for a Galentine’s day, Cards Against Humanity is a really fun party game and is a hoot if alcohol is involved (not recommending alcohol and of course, only if you’re over 21 😉 ). If you and your date are planning a romantic night, you can pull up Hulu, Netflix, or whatever service you’re subscribed to and find a TV show or movies you want to spend the night watching. This way, you aren’t paying anything additional that you wouldn’t be in your monthly budget anyway! If you aren’t subscribed to any services, you can see if there are any good movies on cable that night or if you have a smart or Roku tv like us, download some TV provider apps and see what free content is available! I found out that the TBS app has a few good free movies available!

Lastly, at night, take an hour to treat yourself and your date with a mini spa night. Buy some face masks if you don’t have some already and wear them together while you lay and listen to relaxing music. You could also watch some more tv or read a book while you wait for your masks to work their magic. Other fun spa night ideas are massages or bath bomb or salt baths (if you’re single or have a two person sized bathtub).

The key idea of this v-day night is to relax and enjoy each others time! These plans could be modified for any budget and in any setting, even a dorm room! I hope this post inspires you to make the most out of your V-day whether you are kicking it solo, with your best gals, or your soul mate!

Brian and I will definitely be spending a few nights in February indulging in nights similar to these because our anniversary, his birthday and Valentine’s Day all fall within 4 days! Although we can’t go crazy celebrating each of these, we still make a point to celebrate each one! If you are planning to incorporate any of these ideas into your V-Day plans, let me know in the comments!

QOTD: “A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world could not obtain.”

Until next time,




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