January In Review: Reflecting on Goals

Hello, Donnas!

Wow. Everyone on social media and in my life is talking about how this month has dragged, but for me, it has flown by! I made so many goals for this month and the year to come and they have quickly materialized, or at least started to, into reality.

I hosted an Instagram poll today giving you the option to decide which post you would like to read today. That being said, my month in review is the post that won that poll! If you didn’t see the poll or don’t follow me on Instagram, my Instagram is @midtowndonna and you should follow me and check out my daily Instagram stories so you never miss out on any of the fun! You can also turn on post notifications so you can ensure that you always see my Instagram posts!

When I said down to write down my goals, I was definitely shooting for the moon. I didn’t know that some of them would actually be within reach!

When looking at the monthly stats I wanted to reach, I knew that I wanted this month to be more successful than November, my most successful month for my blog traffic in 2017. I have been anxiously checking the numbers all month long but I am thrilled to say that I have reached all of the goals besides views and I am only 14 away from my goal!! Let’s hope this post puts me over that goal!!

November 2017 Stats:

november stats

January 2018 Stats:

january stats

I want to be completely transparent with my blog because I know that there are a lot of fellow bloggers reading this. I am completely humbled by the success of this blog lately because as you can see, I am very new to the blogging journey. I am still finding my identity as a blogger and just recently have discovered that my niche is a “kindness lifestyle and fashion blogger”. I am excited to bring you socially conscious content and advice and inspiration on how to live your best life. I am so thankful for your support along the way and couldn’t have a bigger smile on my face looking at these stats.

As you can see in the images above, I have received more than double the amount of comments, almost double the number of post likes, and almost 20 more unique visitors! Like I said before, I am still lacking a few views to break the record, but  I am still incredibly thrilled about my blog traffic this month. When I took a poll at the beginning of my month, I learned that the majority of my Instagram followers only follow my Insta and do not check out my blog but these stats indicate that may slowly be changing! Let me know in the comments if you are fairly new to my blog and came from Instagram!!

Speaking of Instagram, I gained around 300 wonderful followers on that platform! I have been focusing on my Instagram theme and it is working out for me in the best way! I can’t wait for my February Instagram feed because my accent color of red caters to all of the V-Day content coming up!

image1 (4)

Look at that glorious content 🙌 I get so happy looking at this knowing how far I have grown when learning how to edit for Instagram and creating a coherent theme. I ran a poll and a lot of you have been liking my theme! Only two of you said it could be better… which no hard feelings because I am critical of my own performance as well! I have definitely given my Instagram more face time (quite literally) but I do want to keep incorporating more photos of myself with fashion content in the future! Since I have been learning more about Instagram, I will be sharing a post tomorrow about how I edit my photos for Instagram and hacks to make the most out of Instagram stories!! Be sure to come back tomorrow for that post!

Another part of my blogging community that is growing is my #DonnasForKindness Facebook group! This was a brand new idea of a way that I can create community and continue spreading the message of kindness. My goal for January was just to get the group up and going because it was a brand new idea of mine. In February, I will be devoting more time to it! If you haven’t joined it already, do so! It is a great way to add some positivity to your Facebook timeline!

Overall, I am very thankful and appreciative for all of your support in growing my blog and I am overly excited for what February and the rest of the year have to bring! Here are some things that I am looking forward to getting better at next month:

  • Increasing my effort to market the blog on Pinterest!
  • Schedule posts ahead of time, meaning writing more posts ahead of time!
  • Decide on a time each day that I will be posting each blog post. (Leave your thoughts in the comments below!)
  • Create more fashion related content on both Instagram and my blog.
  • Create more content on the Facebook page and grow the number of members!
  • Plan out my goals for my YouTube channel! I’m not putting pressure on myself to make videos until I have a better system in place for my blog content!

Cheers to February 2018 and chapter two of our 12 chapter novel called “2018”!

QOTD: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it!”

Until next time,



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