Celebrating Throwback Thursday with 20 of my Favorite Throwback Songs

Hey, Donnas!

I don’t know about you but I have been loving throwback music lately. Maybe it’s the fact that designers are creating ’90s inspired clothing or what, but today I had a genuine jam sesh to my throwback playlist and I wanted to share some of them with you! Maybe you’ll be inspired to create a throwback playlist of your own with some of these classics! These aren’t all from the ’90s… some of them are early 2000s gems too.

1. Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney

2. Boys- Britney Spears

3. Glamorous- Fergie

4. With You- Jessica Simpson

5. Say My Name- Destiny’s Child

6. Ms. Jackson- OutKast

7. Fallin’- Alicia Keys

8. Rock Wit U- Ashanti

9. Jumpin’ Jumpin’- Destiny’s Child

10. Jenny From The Block- Jennifer Lopez

11. What’s Luv?- Fat Joe

12. Leave (Get Out)- D-Money ft. Jojo

13. I Want Candy- Aaron Carter

14. Battlefield- Jordan Sparks

15. So Yesterday- Hilary Duff

16. It’s Gonna Be Me- *NSYNC

17. Bye Bye Bye- *NSYNC

18. I Want it That Way- Backstreet Boys

19. Everybody- Backstreet Boys

20. As Long As You Love Me- Backstreet Boys

These are such oldies but goodies and I hope this post helped you remember some songs you may have loved as a kid and forgotten about! I definitely remember listening to some of these with my hit clips… haha remember those?! I want to know in the comments if you were Team *NSYNC or Team Backstreet Boys!! I am a sucker for Bye Bye Bye but I think Backstreet Boys holds a bigger piece of my ’90s Gal heart! Let me know your thoughts!!

QOTD: “You will be exactly as happy as you decide to be.”

Until next time,



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