Fair Trade Bracelets Made With Love from Women in Nepal

Hello, Donnas!

I know that I was a little radio silent last month, but I knew that it was not going to be a record month for my stats being that it’s the shortest month of the year. Instead, I took last month to get comfortable with a blog logo and set up. It’s nothing that is going to bring me a massive amount of new followers, but it is my site’s identity and I wanted to finally find something that I liked. I also have been working to bring better content to you for the coming months and plan out a little so I am in a better position with planning going forward. Since I started the blog, I had been worried about keeping up with content that I never took some time to just invest in the blog itself and set up a game plan. That being said, I had a great feeling about my content going into this year and it has proven to be much more successful than past months.

It’s crazy to me that my blogging and Instagram engagement is doing so much better lately than it was last year and I am excited to see it grow even more. That being said, I have focused to bring you quality content and no filler to keep something out there and I am excited to see what you think about it. I am thrilled about continuing to implement the idea of kindness into all aspects of your life and I feel like I have slowly become a better person from it since it is always on my mind. I find that when you have a positive mindset, you tend to let things go more easily and not let much bother you. I have been spreading kindness throughout my days much more lately and I have made some unexpected faces smile, which in itself is priceless. I have also really enjoyed the brands that I have discovered as I have transitioned to focusing on being a kind and conscious consumer, including Recover Brands, which you can read more about in my prior blog post here. I feel so good knowing that I am bringing good, quality brands to your attention and I am thrilled to continue doing that. Speaking of these brands, I am sharing one with you today.


Sashka Co. is a brand that I have actually been working with since I started my blogging journey on the first blog I ever created. I have so many of their crotchet beaded bracelets and I absolutely love each and every one of them. I am a fan of stacking bracelets together and I think that the Sashka bracelets are a way to easily spice up your arm candy. Their bracelets come in so many different colors and patterns making it easy for you to fall in love with them. In January, I started focusing on an Instagram theme with a lot of red, and therefore, I ordered a few bracelets from them with hints of red or neutrals so they would match my feed perfectly. Since red isn’t the most popular of colors, I didn’t expect them to have so many options, but they did! I was blown away and even more excited to wear them once they arrived. Look how great they look stacked together:


Here are links to all of the bracelets I am wearing in this photo from left to right (in the top photo):

Gold Solid (Champagne gold no longer available- linked regular gold!)

Red and Gold Stripes

Red and Black Chevron

White and Red Diamonds

Ruby Red Solid

Red and Bronze Diamonds

Black White and Gold

Behind these gorgeous bracelets is a great story. Each of these bracelets is made by skilled artisans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal who are paid fair trade wages. The fair trade wages are higher than the minimum wage in their area so it helps build these women up economically. I absolutely love that I can look at my wrist and know that by wearing it and sharing the brand with you, I am helping to empower women to rise above poverty through fair trade.


I wear these almost every day with the other bracelets I am wearing and the ones that I have had since the beginning of 2017 are in the same shape as those that I have just recently received from them. I definitely recommend these bracelets to anyone looking to spice up their arm candy. Plus, I have a customized coupon code that can be used to save money on your purchase! You can shop Sashka’s bracelets by shopping this link and use code midtown20 for 20% off your purchase! If you want to see what other discount codes I have to offer you all, click here to check out my discount code page!

I hope you all loved learning about another brand that stands behind the idea of being kind. If you make a purchase from Sashka Co., leave a comment below letting me know which colors you purchased! I would love to know if you bought a bracelet from them after reading this!! Also, I would love to see how you style your Sashka Co. bracelets. Tag me in photos of you rocking your new arm candy on Instagram (@midtowndonna) and use hashtag #midtowndonnafashion on your photos!!

I hope your month is off to a great start! Keep motivated toward your goals! You all can do whatever you put your mind to! Have a wonderful day, Donnas!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Until next time,



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