#EatingVeganAt Wendy’s: My Favorite Vegan Fast Food Meal!

Hello, Donnas!

I have been looking forward to the chance to eat at Wendy’s recently so I could share my favorite vegan fast food meal with you all!

I’m not sure if you feel this way, but I have always thought of Wendy’s as a superior fast food chain given that they offer so many “healthier” options like their baked potatoes and delicious salads! Although they offer healthy options, I am a sucker for their fries but the good news is that I can still indulge as a vegan! When I am out doing errands, Wendy’s is always my number one fast food choice and the reason why is because they have a delicious, and more importantly filling option!

I went a little overboard with a large fry, but I waited until 3pm to eat lunch so I was very hungry 😋. But the star of this meal is the salad!

This is the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad without the chicken and feta. The only hurdle about ordering this is some locations will tell you that the salads are pre-made. When they do, I tell them that it is an allergy reason and they don’t give me a hard time after that. Although this may seem like lying, I have gained an intolerance to dairy after going vegan. I know this because I went last year for a few months then I tried to eat a bit of ice cream and my stomach was killing me. That being said, I feel comfortable telling them it’s an allergy, but some of you may not and I understand! Other times, they don’t even question it when I request the salad without cheese.

Normally, when you order a fast food salad without cheese and chicken, you aren’t left with much. That is definitely not the case with this salad, which is why it’s my favorite! It has a sun-dried quinoa blend and hummus with white beans and chick peas- yay protein! It also has grape tomatoes and onions. It comes with a balsamic vinaigrette which is also vegan. This is such a delicious and nutrient packed option! I promise you will love it and not feel like you’re trying to scrape something together to get a vegan fast food meal.

Other options:

You can also get their Apple pecan chicken salad without the cheese, chicken, and pecans. You’re left with red and green apple cubes, cranberries and lettuce with their pomegranate vinaigrette (my favorite salad dressing!). This one is a little less filling but a great option if you’re ordering a baked potato and just want a light salad on the side!

Speaking of baked potatoes, you can order the plain baked potato or you may be able to order the broccoli and cheese potato without the cheese! This way, you get an extra dose of veggies with your meal! I also just saw on their website that they have a smoky mushroom baked potato which has bacon, cheese and sautéed mushrooms. You could probably ask for a potato with only sautéed mushrooms if you are a mushroom lover! I’m guessing that the mushrooms would be vegan but they may be cooked on a shared surface with meat.

They also have Apple slices like most fast food places that you could order as a side!

I left the least appealing option (in my opinion) for last. You can order a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe without the burger patty, mayo and cheese, which leaves you with a bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and ketchup. These are a favorite among some vegans but I honestly prefer the salads. You could spice it up by adding fries to your sandwich, another vegan fave. I also thought of the idea to ask them to add sautéed mushrooms to the burger for some substance. Like I said before, I’m not sure if they use the same grill to sauté them as the patties but it would make the sandwich a much better option!

I hope this posts gave you some good ideas of what to order as a vegan at Wendy’s. This is by far the easiest place to get a yummy vegan meal when your only choice is fast food! If you try any of these vegan options, let me know in the comments and tag me in any photos on Instagram (@midtowndonna) and use #diningdonnas.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Until next time,



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