April 2018 PMS Package Unboxing

Hey, Donnas!

This month I have another PMS package Unboxing to share with you all! If you don’t know what the PMS package is, it’s a subscription box that is sent monthly full of food, spa and feminine items to make your period a little more bearable and even enjoyable! If you missed January 2018 PMS package unboxing, you can check it out here.

This month the crew over at the PMS package decided to invest more in the snack and spa categories this month to switch things up but told me that from next month on, tampons will be included in the packages.

I have to say, I was really excited about all of the great spa items that came in this month’s box! The California Mango mango cleansing gel smells amazing! I can’t wait to use it in my next shower! It reminds me of sweet summer days and I think it will be just the pick me up I need during my TOTM. This body wash is about a $10 value.

The Peripeti Candles Bamboo Linen room spray is also heavenly. I love to spray this over my bed before going to sleep at night. I think the scent is so relaxing. This room spray is a $5.

The Cala make up remover cleansing tissues are a God send because I ran out of my makeup remover wipes and wanted to pick up some more. These are a $7 value.

The spa item I am most excited to try is the Pure radiance by Cala Premium Gold Hydrogel Mask. I have seen masks like these on social media and have been dying to try one. I really like that this one comes in two separate pieces because some sheet masks do not fit my whole face correctly. This is about a $5-6 value.

I thought the food items were unique in this box! Unfortunately none of them are vegan, so I can’t try them but that’s okay! I have been giving them to my boyfriend slowly as a present for dealing with my hormones 😂 and just to show him that I appreciate him! So far he has had the cookie dough bites and chewy sweet tarts, which I would say are both are $1 value each because I have seen these movie theater boxes at the Dollar tree.

He has also eaten the white chunk macadamia Mrs. Fields cookie, which was his favorite out of the three and a $1.50 value.

The other treats in the box are 2 Awake caffeine chocolate bars, which each have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee! What a fun idea! You can blame your need for chocolate on your caffeine fix! The flavor of the bars I received were caramel and milk chocolate and are about a $2 value each.

The last food item in this box was a Barton’s Million Dollar Bar made of rich dark chocolate. This is about a $1.25 value.

Overall, the box’s value was $36.75. No matter what plan you purchase, this box would be worth more than the amount you paid. The more of a commitment you make, the cheaper the boxes are per box, giving you better value. The subscription prices are as follows:

Monthly: $34.99

3 Months: $32.99

6 Months: $29.99

12 Months $28.99

You can also save on your subscription when you use code: PMS5 for $5 off your first box!

I think that this subscription is a great way for you to splurge on yourself when you really need it! I would love to see photos of your PMS packages if you subscribe to this box! Snap a picture and tag me on Instagram @midtowndonna and let me know what you think of your box!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope your day is filled with kindness and happiness.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

Until next time,



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