Tasty Tuesday: Life’s Too Short. Eat the Cookies for breakfast.

Hello, Donnas!

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Today is the day that I get to share an amazing vegan cookie company with you. About a week ago I tried to make cookies from scratch for the first time ever… and not just ordinary cookies, vegan cookies of course. Welllll, long story short I failed. My mouth was super dry at first bite because I had added proportionately too much flour. I was so upset because I had a craving and you know what that can be like. I had wanted cookies so bad that I ate every single one of those dry cookies, but I promise you it wasn’t as satisfying as I expected. That day, I knew I had to find a vegan cookie company that I could entrust to solve my cookie cravings as a vegan because let’s face it, Oreos are great but they don’t always cut it.

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That is when Partake foods came into my life. These cookies are free of the top 8 allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, mustard, and sesame) making them school safe! The chocolate chip cookies would be a party favorite and would make your kid the coolest kid at the party if they brought these in for their class! Unpopular opinion: I’m not the biggest fan of cake. I used to dread birthday parties in school because they always brought cake and it got so boring! These are such a fun alternative to the norm and everyone in the class can enjoy them. In addition to being free of the top allergens, they are also vegan, gluten-free and free of GMOs.

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Partake was amazing and sent me a box of all three flavors to try: sprouted grain chocolate chip, carrot oat, and sweet potato millet. Today I had a few to sample for breakfast and honestly, I couldn’t think of a better time to indulge in cookies.

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It’s almost 90 degrees in NYC today… and it’s only May 2nd! I was not ready for that heat wave so I decided to buckle down and enjoy a chill morning in bed with my favorite show, Riverdale, and some of Partake’s delicious chocolate chip cookies! I can’t lie, once I had a few of the chocolate chip, I decided I had to sample a few of the other kinds… for review purposes only… right? Well, I found out quickly that not only are these cookies packed with good for you ingredients, they also taste divine! My favorite by far is the chocolate chip flavor. I have been in search of a delicious chocolate chip cookie and these are like vegan chips ahoy… but better. I would say my second favorite is the sweet potato millet, because they have an underlying spicy flavor from the ginger, giving them a similar flavor to a ginger snap. The carrot oat cookies are still delicious, but they are a tad bland in comparison to the other three. All three pair deliciously with original almond milk, my go-to non-dairy milk, but I’m sure they would also taste amazing with any vegan milk option.

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I am so stoked about how amazing these are! Now I don’t have to struggle to try to make any failed attempts at homemade cookies to fill my cravings! These are bite-sized and perfect to take on the go for to-go lunches or to munch on in class in college. They would also be perfect for little one’s school lunches! They are also really filling and satisfying! In one serving (3 cookies) of the chocolate chip and carrot oat, there are 7g of fat, 18g of carbs and 2g of protein. In the same serving of the sweet potato millet, there are 6g of fat, 16g of carbs and 1g of protein. As a vegan, getting sufficient protein in your diet is important and although these don’t have an abundance of protein, they do have a small boost, and it’s soy-free protein, which is even better!

You can get your hands on these cookies by shopping Partake’s website and you can use code MIDTOWNDONNA at checkout for an exclusive 10% off offer! If you try Partake’s cookies, be sure to let me know in the comments what your thoughts are in the comments and tag me @midtowndonna and Partake @partakefoods in any photos on Instagram!

“Exhibit kindness in every aspect of your life.” – me 🧡

Until next time,



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