#EatingVeganAt White Castle: New Vegan Impossible Slider!!

Hello, ladies!

I’m so excited to see that fast food chains are starting to offer vegan burger options! Today I tried White Castle’s new Impossible slider made with Impossible burger patties! You do have to ask for it without cheese if you’re vegan but it also comes with onions and pickles! I asked for some bbq packets to add to the sliders for an extra flavor boost as well! The fries are also vegan and they are crinkle cut!

Y’all… the Impossible slider was unreal!! It was almost repulsive how similar it tasted to a real burger… I almost didn’t want to like it! It was very flavorful and had a texture insanely close to a burger! I unfortunately was too busy stuffing my face to take a photo of the patty itself, so I have to include the advertised photo.

This photo isn’t exaggerating- it was really thick- a lot thicker than the regular White Castle slider. I ordered three sliders and was so stuffed when I finished! The bbq sauce was amazing on it and I definitely recommend you try it if you get the chance to taste test these awesome sliders!

They are only available in NY, NJ and Chicago right now but I’m hoping they will do well and become a permanent addition to the menu! For only $1.99 each, you really can’t go wrong!

I can’t wait to go to White Castle when I get a chance to indulge again! It was so awesome to be able to go out to a fast food chain and effortlessly (minus requesting no cheese) order a full vegan meal- plus it was so affordable!

Have you ever tried White Castle before?! Let me know what you think of the Impossible Slider if you get the chance to try it!

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!

Exhibit kindness in all aspects of your life!

Until next time,


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