Staying Hydrated and Fitness Journey

Hello, ladies!

The past few months I have been focused on getting healthier and staying on track with wellness goals. At the beginning of the year, I made three goals relating to my health:

  1. Stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. Stay away from sugary drinks like soda and processed juices.
  2. Get into a fitness routine. Exercise with both strength training and cardio to maximize my workouts.
  3. Eat healthier. Eat less processed foods and a healthy diet.

I have been making progress on each of these goals since then, and I wanted to share a little bit more about some changes I made to make progress toward each one!


Staying Hydrated

Since the first of this year, I have rarely drunk any soda or processed juices. Instead, I make a “smoothie” with frozen fruit, water and a small amount of either brown sugar or raw sugar for a little bit of sweetness! On occasion, I do drink clear colored soda or orange juice, but only 6 oz. servings.

One thing that has helped me stay on track with this goal is reusable water bottles. When I am out shopping for hours, I bring my S’well water bottle along. It keeps my water cold for 24 hours, which is a lifesaver because… who likes warm water? I have also been using my Polar Bottle when I work out. This bottle is the perfect size for working out! It’s lightweight, easy to squeeze and it’s insulated to keep the water freezing cold during the duration of my workout! The best part about this bottle is that it’s BPA free and made in the USA! The bottle pictured is from their designer workshop, a special page on their website where Polar Bottle’s website where their designers create unique designs every two months to test out new designs and see which ones people like! I love this mandala design, and although it’s no longer available, they have a full set of new designs you can choose from! I think this is such a fun concept and you can always add new designs to your collections. I have an awesome exclusive discount for you all to use on your purchases from Polar Bottle- with code MIDTOWN30 at checkout on their site, you’ll receive 30% off full priced items! Unfortunately the coupon code doesn’t apply to designer workshop items but you can receive an awesome discount on their other items!


Fitness Routine

With just two pieces of equipment, I have learned how to make working out at home work. I haven’t gotten into the routine that I hope to soon, I have found a workout that I enjoy. I recently bought a kettlebell from TJ Maxx for around $10, and it has become my best friend. I love the versatility of this weight. I have been doing this full body kettlebell workout, and I really enjoy it. It’s perfect for beginners and has videos to show you each move so you can ensure that you are doing it correctly.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I have been mixing the weights with cardio. My doctor told me that the most effective workouts, especially when trying to lose weight is a combination of weights and cardio, not just one or the other. That being said, I have been using the treadmill at home, which is really easy to get into while watching a TV show or listening to music. I really enjoy the treadmill at home because you don’t have to have headphones in to listen to your show or music.

I have been wearing this heart monitor to make sure that I am within my goal heart rate range for the duration of my workout, both while doing strength training and cardio. I have also learned that your heart rate is important to keep track of when working out, especially when you’re overweight. I love that this one connects to an app on my phone so I can put my phone up on the treadmill and easily track my heart rate through the duration of my workout. For $50, you really can’t go wrong to make sure that you’re not hurting your body during workouts!


Healthy Eating

Although I didn’t think that I would change my diet as much as I have, I have loved the transformation to a vegan diet. I started vegan eating in February, and after a lot of research about what you need in your diet to have sufficient amounts of everything in my diet, I love the transformation. Eating vegan has pushed me to get more creative with meals and to eat healthier food that in turn have more vitamins than I would be eating with my old carb and dairy heavy diet. Veganism isn’t something that everyone can just jump into but I would definitely recommend giving it a try, even if you only eat vegan 1-3 days out of the week or opt for a vegan option for a meal when it comes to mind. I think you’ll notice that you feel a lot cleaner and more energized. It is definitely great for those who have intolerances to dairy. People I know have raved about the differences they feel with digestion after changing to a vegan diet. If you want to read more posts about vegan food, check out the vegan food section of my blog here! I have written posts about everything from different vegan snacks to how you can eat vegan at fast food restaurants! If you have any questions about a vegan diet, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via social media or email… or leave your question in the comments!!

Striving to reach these three goals have made me feel so much better these past few months, and I hope that this post inspires you to focus on your health goals as well! If you are working towards health goals and would like to be accountability buddies to keep each other on track, reach out to me or leave a comment! I would love to connect to help each other stay accountable for our goals!

Exhibit kindness in all aspects of your life!

Until next time,



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