Huge Naturebox Vegan Snacks Unboxing & Giveaway

Hello, ladies!!

Lately, I have been prepping and planning meals to make ahead of time to make things easier for me throughout the week. I will be publishing a vegan meal prep post later in the month, but the best part about planning food is finding great healthy snacks, especially vegan ones! When I was searching for snacks, I came across Naturebox! Naturebox sells a ton of fun and delicious snacks, some of them being vegan! You can buy sample size snacks per package or buy them in bulk- perfect for planning meals! It was so exciting to learn that vegans can enjoy all of these yummy snacks, and even better, they are shipped to your door!

Although not all of their products are vegan, there are a lot of vegan options. All of their snacks vegan and non-vegan are free of artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, corn syrup of any kind, hydrogenated oils and MSG, making them excellent additions to your meals or for snacking in between meals! It’s important to me that I am promoting food that is good for your body, and Naturebox shares these ethics when producing their guilt-free snacks!
I have partnered up with Naturebox to do an unboxing and taste test of $50 worth of snacks as well as a giveaway to give one lucky winner $50 worth of snacks for themselves (more info below)! I’m so excited to share these delicious snacks with you and to give back to you for being such amazing people and supporting my blog! I also have a coupon code for all of you so you can enjoy Naturebox even if you don’t win the giveaway so stay tuned! I had so much fun shopping on Naturebox’s website to see how many delicious snacks you can buy with only $50!


What was in my Naturebox?

bbq twists.jpg

Crunchy BBQ Twists (2- 3.4oz packages) $5.99

These lentil twists were so good! They are very airy, a great alternative to a cheese puff type chip, and I absolutely loved the barbecue flavor. These would be great if you crave cheese doodles or popcorn and want a light crunchy snack. I really like the barbecue flavor, although I would like them to have a little stronger of a bbq flavor- maybe it’s just because I am a huge bbq lover! These are one of my favorites from the box!


Pistachio Power Clusters (7.3 oz. package) $7.99

These were delicious! They are very chewy and crunchy. What I like about these is that they have a little bit of Himalayan Pink Salt which gives it just the right amount of salt. They are pistachios almonds and cashews all held together with brown rice syrup and they are to die for. Pistachios are my favorite nuts and I love these power clusters because you usually don’t get pistachios included in a mixed nut snack like this.


Big Island Pineapple (2- 4.8oz packages) $7.99

These come in resealable bags to keep them fresh, which I thought was an awesome touch! I love that you don’t have to waste ziplocks to store them. These are really chewy- not at all as hard as the dried/candied pineapple I’m used to tasting in trail mixes, which is awesome. These rings have a natural flavor, which is because pineapple is the only ingredient! You can’t get better than that when looking for healthy snacks and this is a great way to eat pineapple when you don’t want to eat a whole pineapple at a time because they go bad so quickly! I would definitely recommend that you give these a try if you try out Naturebox. I’m actually snacking on some right now as I am writing this!

vanilla animal.jpg

Vanilla Animal Cookies (3 single serve packages) $2.97 (99 cents each!)

These are a whole wheat version of a childhood favorite and they were so delicious! These and the chocolate flavor were one of my top favorites in this box. They have fiber and protein without the sugar crash. They are more of a cookie texture and flavor, similar to a Teddy Graham, than that of an animal cracker, which I loved. I ordered a sample size of these because I remember not being a huge fan of animal crackers as a child but these are way better. The vanilla flavor isn’t super overpowering, similar to that of a Nilla Wafer.

chocolate animal

Chocolate Animal Cookies (12 single serve packages) $9.99

These are really similar to the vanilla flavor animal cookies. They taste basically exactly what I remember chocolate Teddy Grahams tasting like. Tasting these brought me right back to my childhood! They were to die for. These snacks are the perfect size package to pack for kids lunches, your lunch, or just to grab and go when you want a little snack.

veggie chips.jpg

Salt & Vinegar Veggie Chips (2- 4.4oz packages) $6.49

They hit the nail on the head with the salt and vinegar flavor potency. These are a great alternative to potato chips if you are looking for healthier versions to eliminate chips from your diet. The yucca, plantain and other root vegetable flavors don’t overpower the salt and vinegar seasoning, which I was originally afraid of when ordering these. I have had other veggie chips in the past that I wasn’t a fan of but these ones were surprisingly very good! These veggies are slightly more thick/crunchy than a normal potato chip but I still thought they were tasty.

coconut squares.jpg

Crispy Coconut Squares (2- 3.8 oz. packages) $7.99

These come in the resealable packaging as well! They smell just like coconut macaroons and taste like a less sugary version of them! They are a little chewier than a macaroon and have a very natural flavor. They have a touch of sea salt, which I don’t think is very strong of a flavor in these, but it probably helps neutralize how sweet coconut can be. These are perfect if you are a coconut lover looking for a savory snack.

Total $49.41 – such a great value for so many snacks!

They also added in packages a few packages of vanilla bean wafers, which weren’t vegan, into my box as a bonus gift, which I thought was such a cute gesture. They are packaged in the single serving packs similar to the animal cookies, so they make a great on the go snack and are made with real vanilla beans for a more sophisticated taste. Since I couldn’t try them, I asked my family to try them and they said that they were really good. So if you aren’t vegan, these are another NatureBox snack you might enjoy!

What’s in it for you?

One lucky winner of my giveaway will win a $50 credit to Naturebox of their own to try out any snacks up to $50. You can try any of the snacks that I tried or anything else on their site that you might like! I had such a fun time shopping for snacks and trying all of them out so I am excited to be able to extend that offer to one of you as well! In addition to the $50 credit, you will also win a lifetime membership to Naturebox and receive free shipping on your order when you use your credit, making your first $50 order absolutely free of cost!

If you aren’t chosen as a winner of my giveaway, no worries! You still get rewarded for reading this post and being one of my amazing readers! You can get 50% off your first box (*for new members only, not to exceed $15) by using the URL: The 50% off will be automatically applied—no code needed!

To enter my giveaway:

  1. Follow me and nature box on Instagram
  2. Like this Instagram post
  3. Comment on this blog post with your favorite snack as well as your Instagram handle!
  4. Comment “DONE” on my instagram post once you’re done with steps 1-3!

The winner will be contacted via Instagram DM on Monday, June 11, 2018! Thank you so much for entering and for your support!


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