Be Bold With a New Wallpaper


Today I was searching for iPhone wallpapers for the summer and got the idea to create my own! I love painting and realized that I am not taking full advantage of the tools my Surface offers to digitally paint! I gave it a shot to create some new wallpapers for myself and liked them so much that I wanted to share them with all of you as well!

I created the first set was inspired by things I love to indulge in during the summer! Trendy foods are all the rave and these three are my faves! I created two versions- one with clever sayings and ones without!

donutdonutslemonadelemonspopsicle summerpopsicle

The second set was inspired by my new rebranded blog motto, “live colorfully + be kind”! I love all of the colors! I created 4 with different schemes so that everyone can find one they love!

be kind 1be kind 2be kind 3be kind 4

I hope you enjoy these! Let me know if you decide to use one and which one is your favorite! I had so much fun with these and I hope they make your phone more fun!



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