Travel Diary: Weekend Trip to Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Toronto

Last weekend was the first time that Brian and I made the trip since graduating last May. It was so fun going back and reliving all of the memories we made during our four years as Buffalo residents! We had a short time to visit but we managed to visit most of our favorite spots during our time there! I even took the leap and filmed my first ever travel vlog! You can check it out on my new YouTube Channel! In that vlog, I share an overview of where we went and what we saw and I wanted to share a little more in depth summary of our trip here!

Day 1: Friday August, 3rd

Buffalo, NY


We arrived in Buffalo in the afternoon, checked into our hotel and got a quick dinner at Wendy’s. This was when we were hit with the realization that we were no longer in NYC anymore- fast food upstate is so cheap! After dinner, we took the 30 minute drive to one of our favorite spots in the Buffalo area, the Transit Drive In in Lockport! When we lived in the Buffalo area, we would visit the drive in almost every weekend! For $9 a person, you can see a double feature (sometimes even a triple feature!) and the atmosphere is so amazing. They have retro decor at the snack bar and it is the #1 way to spend an evening in Buffalo in our opinion. It was so amazing to be back and a great way to relax and unwind after a 7 hour drive. After the drive in we went back to the hotel because we had an early morning to prepare for on Saturday.

Day 2: Saturday August 4th

Toronto + Buffalo, NY


In the morning, we got ready and started to head toward Toronto! We used Parking Panda to secure a parking spot downtown! We parked at Queens Quay West Garage
at 7 Lower Simcoe St. and we thought it was the perfect location to start walking around the city. If you are ever visiting an area and need to park somewhere, I definitely recommend using Parking Panda, or Spot Hero (which purchased Parking Panda in 2017), to secure a spot in advance. This way you can incorporate it into your budget you aren’t stuck overpaying for a spot when you get there! If you don’t have an account for Spot Hero yet, you can create one with my referral link and we will both earn a $7 bonus when you book your first reservation over $8!


Upon arriving to the city, we walked down to the Harbourfront Centre to take a few photos. Next, we walked up to Simcoe Place and went downstairs to the Path Tunnels, a tunnel system that connects over 50 office buildings and public transportation. It is also the largest underground shopping complex in the world. On the weekend, most of it is closed, but that just meant that we basically had the whole tunnel system to ourselves and it was amazing because it was almost 90 degrees outside.

Our first stop in the Path was the food court at Union Station for breakfast. We were hoping we could eat at Tim Horton’s, basically the Canadian version of Dunkin’ Donuts, but it wasn’t open yet so we had to settle with McDonald’s. I just want to say, Canadian McDonald’s just tastes so much fresher and better than the ones in the US. I decided to get a canadian bacon egg and cheese sandwich because… when in Canada… haha :p. It was delicious and gave us the fuel we need to start our Toronto adventure.

From Union Station, we walked around the Path until we stumbled across Nugateau, Canada’s first all-eclair Patisserie at Saks Food hall by Pusateri’s. Their eclairs were so gorgeous that they was impossible to pass up! I asked the woman working there what her favorite was and she suggested the blueberry violet eclair. I wouldn’t normally have chosen that flavor but I trusted her recommendation and I am so glad that I did because it was to die for! I will definitely be hitting up that little shop the next time I am in Toronto again and until then, I’ll dream about it! This spot was a part of a large department store/deli/grocery store location that was massive! Nearby was a little grocery store and we picked up some Canadian Maple Syrup in the cutest little maple leaf bottle as a souvenir!


After our trip through the Path, we went back above ground in front of City Hall, where the famous Toronto sign is. Lunch in front of city hall from one of the food carts is a must do. Since we had recently ate breakfast, we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. One of my college professors told us that there is nothing like eating a hotdog on the benches by city hall. Last time we visited Toronto, we did indulge in poutine (or pouteen), which was delicious and huge! We took a few photos in front of city hall and then made our way over to one of our favorite spots in Toronto, Graffiti Alley!


Graffiti Alley is full of gorgeous graffiti and murals perfect for photo ops! We came through here last time and had to stop by again! The graffiti had actually changed since we were there a little over a year ago, which I thought was really cool! After visiting Graffiti Alley, we walked back to the parking garage and headed back to our hotel!

After getting to our hotel and changing, we decided to check out a beach on Lake Ontario, Olcott Beach, which was fun. The beach is really small but there was a cute little area where you could get food as well as a carousel park with a few small amusement rides. When we left the beach, we went back and changed at the hotel then went out for dinner. We decided to visit Sonic Drive In and then stopped next door at Ted’s Hot Dogs, a Buffalo famous restaurant. They are famous for their hotdogs cooked over real hardwood charcoal that you can add toppings too from mac and cheese to bacon! I am not a huge fan of hot dogs but I couldn’t resist stopping there to pick up a loganberry shake, a treat local to Buffalo. If you’re in the Buffalo area, you have to try Aunt Rosies Loganberry, which you can find in Western NY supermarkets. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the night. We were exhausted after such a long day!

Day 3: Sunday August 5th

Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, NY


On Sunday morning, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Burger King and then headed down to downtown Buffalo to show our family around the city and the waterfront. We then stopped by Canisius’ campus for the first time since graduating! It was so great to be able to roam the halls again and reminisce. After visiting campus, we made our way up to Niagara Falls! We took the 30 minute ride on the Maid of the Mist, which I 110% recommend if you visit the falls. The views and experience are priceless! After the Maid of the Mist ride, we stopped and grabbed tourist t-shirts and then started on our way back home!

Our trip was so much fun! Although we only had 2 days to spend there, we definitely made the most of it! It was such a blast to take a trip to all of the places we missed most about the Buffalo area! If you are planning a trip to Niagara Falls, Toronto or Buffalo, let me know! I would love to give you suggestions as to where to stay, what to do and where to eat! There are so many great places to get amazing food in Buffalo, which we didn’t get to take advantage of this trip since we were on a tight schedule but I could make a recommendations list a mile long!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out my accompanying vlog:

Thank you so much for reading!


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