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Hey girl! If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that our Christmas tree is already up and I am in full holiday mode. I’m so excited to share my first gift guide with you ladies. I am starting with my gift guide for him, which could be your boyfriend, fiance, hubby, guy friend, brother, dad, cousin… literally any guy in your life! I think that these gifts fully cover a reasonable price range and that any guy would be thrilled with any or all of these for Christmas. All of the items in this guide are things that Brian has and LOVES! I shared these things because I know they are great quality and guy approved. Plus, I wasn’t planning for this to be the case but they are all from Amazon! If you’re like me and love fast shipping + shopping from the comfort of your couch, this guide will be perfect for you!! I hope you enjoy it and let me know in the comments which gift guide you would like to see next!!

Apple Airpods $144.98: Brian and I both have a pair of these and I think they are our #1 favorite item for 2018. We use them every single day and they are the perfect compact headphones. No more tangled cords, easy connectivity and they don’t fall out (I FaceTime Brian with mine and walk around NYC and haven’t ever had one fall out!!) These are the perfect large gift for the man in your life!

RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallet $13.99 (22 different colors!): Brian loves his slim wallet because it can go in his front pocket (perfect for city living) and doesn’t make a bulge in your pocket- especially in dress pants. Big enough to hold the necessities but no room for clutter to collect.

Wireless Charger $13.99: This is another item that we both got when we purchased our iPhone XRs. It is so easy to use and we find ourselves charging our phones more often, which saves us from realizing our battery is dead! If the guy in your life has a wireless charging capable phone, this is a no-brainer for a gift/stocking stuffer!

One Million Cologne $84.99: This is one of Brian’s go-to colognes and it smells amazing. Comes in a few sizes and the packaging is really nice to display as well! Can’t go wrong giving a guy a cologne to add to his collection since it’s a necessity, you know he will use it!

IZOD Performance Fleece $35 (30 different colors!): Brian loves this sweater to layer with dress shirts in the fall and winter. It is a nice piece that can be dressed up or down and comes in so many colors so you can buy multiple if the guy in your life dresses up for work every day!

Moccasin Slippers $35-45: You can’t go wrong with a cozy pair of slippers to wear around the house in the winter. Brian loves his moccasin slippers and I have a matching pair from another brand, which I love as well!

Adidas Gym Bag $25: This is Brian’s favorite gym bag. He says it’s the perfect size to fit clothes, stuff to shower, and gym shoes in. Perfect size to fit in the lockers at the gym as well! He is always saying that this is a purchase he will never regret although he already owned a different gym bag!

Apple Watch 42mm $358.99: We both have Apple watches as well but he wears his every day and uses it to its full capability. This is a really great gift for a guy who has an apple phone, is always on the go and exercises!

S’well Bottle $35: Brian and I both own one of these as well and use them every day. I honestly think a S’well bottle is a great gift for anyone! Nothing beats cold water 24/7, especially at work and when you’re on the go!



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