Cozy Mornings in Buffalo Plaid | 2018 Reflections

Good morning!

This morning is a cozy relaxed one over at our place. With hot chocolate in hand, I am reflecting on all that 2018 has brought me. After finding my first full time job since graduating college, Brian and I’s lives have changed dramatically and I couldn’t be more thankful. I have been kept busy but ecstatic nonetheless. The blog has been pushed to the background for a while as I was getting myself adjusted but I plan to post a lot more in the new year with fashion focused posts! I love cozy clothes since my job is a casual atmosphere and am excited to share more outfits and more about my everyday here on the blog. If you’re still a reader from the beginning, thank you so much for continuing to follow me on this fun creative journey that is Midtown Chelsea! Speaking of Midtown Chelsea, I have finally transferred my URL over so my brand is cohesive across all platforms. Yay!

While I have you here, to start off the fashion content to come, I want to share these waffle knit sleep pants from Eddie Bauer! They are SO cozy and perfect to keep you warm throughout the rest of the winter! This buffalo plaid is such a fun winter print and they also have a few other print options as well. They are currently on sale for only $34.99! If you snag a pair, let me know how you like them!!

I hope you have had a great year and holiday season! I think it’s important to reflect on the past year and all of the blessings it has brought to your life. What are you most thankful for when reflecting on this past year? Leave me a note below letting me know!


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