Self Care Sunday: Celebrate Your Success with A Scoops in Cahoots Ice Cream Party

Hellllllo Friends!!

It has been a few hectic months for me and it has taken a few good reflections to sit back and realize how much I have accomplished in these past six months. Since securing my first full-time job out of college, the time has flown by and I realized that I haven’t really taken the time to treat myself as much as I should and celebrate the little victories as well as the serious progress I have made towards some personal and career goals. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment focusing on where you want to be, but I am realizing that it is also important to sit back, relax, and treat yourself for all that you are accomplishing at this very moment!

Today I am partnering with Scoops in Cahoots, an awesome female-owned ice cream company located here in NYC to show you how to throw an awesome for yourself, you girls, your significant other, or whoever you want to invite! They have some fun and creative boozy flavors which can help you theoretically ‘toast’ to all that you have and are still achieving!!


I don’t know about you, but ice cream is one of my guiltiest pleasures… I mean, how can you really resist?! I am so happy that co-founder Lori, who also appreciates the happiness that ice cream brings to life, decided to work with me on this post and even better, delivered it to my door! VERYYYY appreciated!

Sooo, you may be wondering, what exactly is Scoops in Cahoots? It’s a super awesome ice cream brand founded by two sisters and expert ice cream tasters (I’m sure we all can relate 😉 ) who decided that they wanted to put their own twist on an amazing sweet treat and make it even better with luxury flavors made from the best ingredients and I must say, it definitely has earned my stamp of approval. I have never felt so fancy indulging in a bowl of ice cream… think of it as the Starbucks of the ice cream industry. I’m serious, it’s that good.

I learned of Scoops in Cahoots from a few coworkers who were gifted a few pints as a holiday present. They decided to share the love (and ice cream) and once I tried it, I knew that I wanted to help these women spread the word about their brand and that it would a blast to work with them by using their products to formally celebrate all that I have done in these past six months and treat myself- just like I think you ladies should be doing. We are all working toward goals and like me, maybe you’re in a rut with your eyes locked only on how far your goal achievement is from this moment. BUT what I didn’t realize, and I think it’s important for you to realize too, is that each day you move toward your goals is a good day. Think progress, not perfection. We celebrate progress over here and you should too!! Now let’s get into the goods stuff. How do we celebrate? With an ice cream sundae party of course

First Step: Secure the goods! AKA Scoops in Cahoots Ice Cream!

You can order Scoops in Cahoots flavors online and have it delivered to any of the NYC boroughs (ice cream delivered is what dreams are made of) or you can pick it up in Astoria!


You can’t go wrong with any of their flavors- but my all time fave is Mint is Money! The flavor is mint macchiato ice cream with dark chocolate cookies. Coffee, mint and chocolate flavors… you can’t go wrong with that!

All of their pints are made with the best ingredients and their Bust Out the Butterscotch flavor even features gluten-free, all natural oatmeal cookie dough that’s been made especially for them by Sweet Megan Bakery! The love that they put into their product and brand really shines through!

Second Step: Pick your toppings and get the supplies!

I picked up some crushed pineapple, sprinkles, Oreos, walnuts, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream!


Third Step: Gather your friends/loved ones, build your sundaes & eat them too! (The best part tbh!)

You taste that? That’s positivity and celebration for being a girl boss and working toward your dreams! Enjoy that ice cream sundae and don’t forget to celebrate the small victories and progress more often! Celebrating is great, but what’s even better is sharing your success with those who love you… plus ice cream… you can never go wrong with ice cream!!


Cheers to progress towards future goals!



2 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday: Celebrate Your Success with A Scoops in Cahoots Ice Cream Party

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you, Chelsea! I love how you made a sundae to celebrate all the key steps we take along the way to reach our goals. It’s key to take time and appreciate the journey, and your positive energy is perfect for it! Many Cheers, Lori

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