About Chelsea

Hello, Donnas! It’s so nice to meet you!

What is a Donna? I’m here to explain. Donna is a term used in the Italian language as a title for a woman, similar to madam and it indicates a woman of respect. I love calling you all Donnas because my goal is to share my life with you and all that I do to be the best version of myself, including spreading kindness, living a vegan lifestyle, and wearing clothing that I feel good in, which makes me feel very respectable. I feel that Donna describes me well and I want you all to feel the same way about yourselves!

What should you know about me?

I am a vegan millennial who moved to NYC to live my dream life. Since I was a kid, I wanted to live in the city; every birthday I could, I spent it down here roaming the streets and living my best life. As soon as the opportunity arose, I jumped on it and now I can say that I live in my favorite city on the planet. Since moving down to the city, I have continued to blog about my outfits and life and have learned a lot more about the person I am and what I believe in.

A few months after moving to the city, I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle. I love where I am in life and it really hit me that we only have so long on this planet to live. That being said, I started to get serious about my health and decisions as a consumer. These epiphanies lead to a complete diet change- I went vegan! It took me two attempts because as a person, I jump deep into things and make changes cold turkey but the second time was the charm and I am now eating a completely informed plant-based diet and focusing more on fitness as well.

Another thing that I became more aware of is environmental sustainability and although my diet change has a huge environmental impact, the change to a vegan diet piqued my interest of how I could positively affect the environment even further as a consumer. This is when I decided that I wanted to support slow fashion and eco-friendly products.

I was learning that my consumer decisions had more of an impact that I thought and such simple decisions could help women in Nepal make a fair wage to help provide better lives for their children or help a small company that makes their products in the US thrive! It is so heartwarming that I can help support these companies and help them grow through raising awareness both on my blog and social media. These life-changing decisions have made me feel so much more connected to my blog and brand because I know that it is truly an extension of myself and helping to remind me of my goals and also imparting knowledge onto you so you can live impactful lives as well!

Other than my diet and decisions as a consumer, another thing that is important to me is being kind to others. Whether you’re serving sandwiches to the less fortunate or simply holding the door for the person behind you, the impact that you can make on someone’s day or even life is priceless. Service and being kind have always been important and enriching to me and I love to spread the message of kindness to others!

What can you expect to see on the blog?

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